The 12 Startup TechStars Winter Group


The 12 Startups TechStars Winter Group

Techstars’ Boston incubator group of startups started their adventure last month. This will be their 7th program located in Boston. The group of 12 startups will wrap up their sessions and head for demo day on April 29 of 2014. Let’s see a brief recap of the 12 startups in techstars winter group.

1. Cangrade

A hiring platform that’s easy-to-use, highly automated and simply does exactly what you need – right out of the box. Cangrade researches over 200,000 employees from over 500 companies and developed a breakthrough platform that automates hiring and predicts employee success.

2. Change Collective

Change Collective mission is to give people the tools to succeed with change. We are building a course platform that helps people make changes that matter with the help of world-class experts. This startup gives people personal and expert advice directly on their platform and helps people make changes. Change collective is basically a friendly community dedicated to change.

3. EcoVent

EcoVent is a startup that helps you monitor your ventilation. ecoVent has developed and proven an integrated, owner-installed system that addresses homeowner frustrations of temperature imbalance between rooms and high energy costs related to heating and cooling homes. Our system offers unparalleled homeowner control at less than half the price of the next best solution. Additionally, the ecoVent system can help reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 50%! We have made tremendous progress since our launch in October 2012 and have developed a prototype validating our claims. ecoVent has verified customer interest in the system and is now developing its beta system and initial product.

ecovent startup


4. HermesIQ

HermesIQ is a startup that created a platform for doctors to prioritize inbound patient information for optimizing workflow. Are you a physician or medical profession who is frustrated with mounds of inbound clinical data?HermesIQ intelligent and robust software figures it out for you and delivers it to a sleek, simple platform for further action.

heremesIQ startup


5. KinematIQ

Three passionate action sports enthusiasts founded KinematIQ in 2013 to bring sports and technology closer together. KinematIQ’s philosophy is to design, create products and solutions that drive people outdoor and reward passion. Not much is known about the product. The startup’s website is only a simple landing page that says, “Coming soon!”

6. LitoGraphs

Litographs creates art from the books you’ve read and loved. Litograph’s posters, t-shirts, and tote bags are all created entirely from the text of classic books. The company’s designs were created by a team of artists from all over the world. From a distance, the artwork illustrates a theme, character, or setting from each book. Move closer and the text becomes fully legible. The startup’s goals is to be able to promote international literacy both at home or abroad.



7. Mapkin

Mapkin is the first turn-by-turn navigation app where you can personalize the experience. Mapkin navigation adds crowd-sourced, personalized, human details to the journey. CEO Marc Regan and CTO John Watson met on the iOS development team at Nuance back in 2008. Inspired by their shiny new iPhone 1s, they created the App Store Hall of Famer Dragon Dictation, which has since been downloaded 15 million times and counting. They followed it up with Dragon Search, and later Dragon Go! before leaving Nuance to launch Mapkin.

8. Narvii

Narvii is creating a mobile-first community platform for long-tail interests, organizations & brands. The startup Narvii is the 8th startup on the techstars winter group list. Narvii or Amino, has multiple community apps dedicated to helping you find a community for people related to your interest. Narvii’s goal is to allow you to express yourself and discuss your passion with new friends. As of now, there’s food, music, photography, and movies.

narvii techstars


9. Onion

The 9th group on the techstars winter group is Onion. Onion is building a backend as a service software platform for connected devices. There isn’t much information about this startup, as their website is a basic email collecting page, but according to Techstars, it’s creating a platfrom for devices that are connected to the computer.

10. Refresh

Refresh isn’t too much of a tech startup, it is more of a product/hardware startup. Nevertheless, the startup was invited to join Techstars winter group. Refresh is a startup that creates eco friendly Kiosk. The Refresh kiosk filters, flavors, carbonates, and bottles water at the point of use, instead of in a bottling plant. Refresh cuts vending operators’ variable costs and CO2 emissions by 80%.

11. Sundar

Sundar is a b2b marketplace startup for apparel and accessories. SUNDAR is redefining the fashion and luxury industries through an intelligent digital marketplace for sourcing global materials.With SUNDAR, designers are given real-time access to quality materials and unique artisans, both locally and globally. SUNDAR curates so that designers don’t have to search. Customized material recommendations are based on designers’ personal aesthetic, transforming what was once an inefficient and costly process, into a seamless creative experience.

12. Workmob

The last group of startup in the TechStars Winter Group is Workmob. Workmob is the platform for freelancers to connect with clients. Unlike Elance and Odesk, Workmob filters out a bunch of developers and only assign the qualified devs to your job. Current systems pit independent professionals against one another, ultimately landing on price as the determining factor for who wins a contract. This doesn’t motivate freelancers to do good work. Just to get the job done. The end result is projects being viewed as chores, not something exciting and interesting. The people willing to work for the lowest amount win, and ultimately this leads to mediocre work. WorkMob screen all of our projects, making sure that they are fully scoped and have a budget that will hire a highly skilled freelancer and motivate them to put their all into the project. Ultimately leading to exceptional results!


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