15-seconds of Facebook Ads Flashing Before Your Eyes.


15-seconds of Facebook Ads Flashing Before Your Eyes.

After long vigorous months of testing and limited roll-outs, Facebook pulling a full hardy on video ads. The company recently announced that will will be deploying 15-second video ads onto the News Feed sometime during the coming months.

Testing Period.

Facebook had originally announced that would conduct a test on video ads back during December, with 15-second duration. The reserved ads are the exact same length, running with no sound when scrolled over and stop playing entirely if the user simply scrolls by them. Bloomberg has mentioned that the unit that where brought out during sometime in the late April or early May, had been delayed a couple of times between its testing period and now, but the company still took time to make sure the ads would not be too invasive for users.

Successful launching.

This successful launching of the video ads could prove very lucrative for Facebook’s ad strategy. The company’s ad team had spent the past couple of years testing, editing, and deploying various ad unites to find the right mix of contents. Video ads will also help creating a bridge between Facebook and Instagrams gap that was created back in its acquisition in 2012. While Instagram it still in its early stages of its own ad development. Facebook will currently have the peace of knowing its video ads are working from a technological standpoint. Which will lead into making it far easier to employ on Instagram and any other future ideas.

No additional information has been provided at the moment on how the ads have changed from its initial testing stage. Facebook has not been reachable for further comment at the moment.


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