1Password Finally Arrives to All Android Devices.


1Password Finally Arrives to All Android Devices.

Possibly one of the password managers to currently exist is now available for Android devices. 1Password, which has already been out for the iOS, has recently released a brand new Android application. Fully featured and similar to that of its iOS counterpart, 1Password for Android its free to use until August.


The creators behind 1Password, Agile Bits, shall remove the current pay wall for the duration of this summer in an attempt to stir up some interest. Aftewards, the application shall be read-only, giving users access if they use it for any other platform. The case for 1Password tight as well, aside from just keeping track of a user password, it can also make suggestion for much stronger ones.

Not only will it make suggest of much more better safeguarded passwords, it will also generate them for its users. Generally used on the OS X platform, 1Password utilizes a strong 256-bit AES encryptions, which they have noted down as “military grade”. the application is locked automatically, so if the user loses their Android devices, they wouldn’t have lost their password.


The application can be synced through several methods, this includes Dropbox. Application for PC, Mac, and iOS are currently available, User can edit and organize their passwords as the see fit, even marking down their favorites that they have found. After a long beta process, 1Password for Android has become something Agile Bits can proudly show other platforms.

All that’s left is to see how truly popular this application will become with Android users, and if they would be willing to dish out some cash to gain the complete access to its features and software.

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