2600hz Provides Scalability and Improvement to SendHub.


2600hz Provides Scalability and Improvement to SendHub.

2600hz, the industry leader in mobile and cloud telecom technology, has announced a partnership with SendHub, the leading provider of all-in-one mobile business phone systems. As part of this partnership, SendHub has integrated 2600hz’s Kazoo platform to meet their growing demand from businesses and enhance their customers’ experience.

SendHub is a rapidly growing company, enabling businesses to utilize fully-featured voice capabilities, mobile messaging and enterprise analytics on any device out of the box. With this 2600hz integration, SendHub was able to migrate their customers seamlessly to a multi-region installation of Kazoo on their assets. This collaboration ensures that SendHub’s final product corresponds with their vision of providing crystal-clear call quality for all of their business customers.

The partnership between 2600hz and SendHub paves the way for future innovation and advancement. SendHub as well is contributing back to the open source community by maturing Kazoo’s WebRTC support, adding new features and fixing bugs.

Kazoo Integration.

WebRTC Feature – 2600hz worked closely with SendHub to develop a custom WebRTC solution, replacing its existing core client library. The new solution provides support for both WebRTC and RTMP, enabling SendHub to utilize the latest advances in web technology while still supporting clients using older browsers.

Carrier Flexibility – SendHub has improved call quality control and can provide enhanced service to their customers. SendHub can also find and acquire contracts that better suit their business model or utilize 2600hz carrier relationships by purchasing minutes and DID’s from 2600hz, including international numbers.

Redundancy – The 2600hz platform was deployed on SendHub’s servers, providing redundancy across the cloud by utilizing servers as independent and pervasive nodes.

Scalable Backend – 2600hz provides tier 2 & 3 monitoring, routine maintenance, and upgrades to SendHub systems. As SendHub grows its user base, 2600hz will advise on where to expand to ensure that its system is optimized for the user load.


SendHub CEO Ash Rust – “In our industry, call quality is everything. We’ve completely rebuilt our voice platform to deliver the call quality and reliability our customers expect. We couldn’t have done it without the use of the Kazoo open source telephony stack, and we look forward to growing our partnership.”

2600hz CEO Darren Schreiber – “This is just the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship with SendHub. The results on the installation have been tremendous, and we look forward to SendHub’s continued contributions to our Kazoo UI. Together we are destined to do great things.”

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