3D Systems Reseller TAVCO Launches 3D Printing Education.


3D Systems Reseller TAVCO Launches 3D Printing Education.

A new partnership to provide education in 3D printing technology and additive manufacturing has recently launched in Austin to position the State of Texas as a global leader in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry. The kick-off event to celebrate the partnership as well as upcoming 3D printing courses will be held on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at the Roueche Graduate Center at National American University (NAU).

Registration is available athttps://www.eventbrite.com/e/intro-to-3d-printing-tech-launch-event-tickets-12557119683.


This new partnership is led by TAVCO, the 3D Systems Reseller for Central Texas, and 3D Innovation Labs, a 3D tech education startup based in Austin. Leaders from both companies as well as NAU will interact with 3D technology stakeholders from across Central Texas to discuss and explore ways that 3D printing technology can positively impact the Texas economy.

Attendees will gain an understanding of how the growing 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry will impact their businesses, increase STEM education initiatives, foster innovation in the region, and attract new talent and a diverse workforce in Texas.

“Many companies in Central Texas are seriously considering an investment in 3D printing technology to accelerate product development, streamline production, and offer new, previously unattainable solutions for their customers. However, it is still a new area of technology at this time and many managers are asking for educational resources to help them evaluate their decision to invest, and to gain a better understanding of how 3D printing technologies will impact their bottom line,” says Kevin Vaughan, Sales Manager, TAVCO Services, Inc., the 3D Systems reseller for Austin. “Educational programs that teach practical skills that enable decision-makers to confidently invest in these technologies, such as those provided by the Certificate Program offered by the Roueche Graduate Center of National American University, are exactly what our corporate clients need to gain the knowledge and credentials to unleash the potential of 3D in their businesses.”


The kickoff event includes networking followed by a free preview of the new course for business leaders, executives and professionals, “Introduction to 3D Printing Technology”, which provides basic knowledge needed for the six-week Certificate Program in Technology and Innovation Management. Registration begins October 2014 and the first cohort is scheduled January 2015.

“Our goal is to create access for entrepreneurs and innovators that want to capitalize on 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology to spark new ideas, but also put them in the same room with other innovative thinkers,” stated Shane Patience, the Chief Technology Officer at 3D Innovation Labs, “Austin has the right mix of startups, enterprises, and public sector leadership that’s needed to push Texas forward in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing industries.”

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