4chan Business Board Possible Influence.


4chan Business Board Possible Influence.

In recent news, Christopher Poole Or Moot as others would better know him as, Has recently created a business board on his anonymous website known as 4chan. Now you maybe wonder on why this could be such big news for us to mention here. Well as you must or mustn’t know, the anonymous users of 4chan have always been involved in certain events, although usually in the background of said events,weather its something small as tracking down a person Ip for threatening to bomb a school, to even successfully naming a giant gaming corporation like EA as the worst Business in today’s industry.

4chan has always had an interesting history, The site has been around for some 10 odd years and during its decade of existence, it has caused quite an impact on the digital world known as the internet. The board was originally created by Moot for discussion on Japanese animation and random topics, after being feed up with Ebaumsworld vehemence against said topics. This lead towards the site expanding over the years and gaining more and more attention especially for certain rumors of it being a site for a bunch of elite hate filled hackers.

Besides the negative rumors that revolve around 4chan, The site has always had some certain influence on the digital sphere of the internet. Plenty of Meme’s used today have either been created from 4chan or popularized by them and have spread out to the more mainstream sites over time. Not only that, but certain boards, like their video game sections has banded together and caused EA Games to be rewarded with the “Worst Company of the Year Award” By Consumerist after mass voting against, for 2 years in a row.

With 4chans influence, while not as strong as it used to be, can possibly affect the business worlds in way we couldn’t possible imagine. Even now they have threads of various topics from cryptocurrency, startup, stocks, business and all sorts of advice’s from various sources. Its only a matter of time before one of the anonymous users manages to pull off something quite interesting on the board of business. So make sure to keep an eye out for them, the results can be either negative or positive.



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