5 Linkedin Stats That You Probably Never Knew About


5 Linkedin Stats That You Probably Never Knew About

Linkedin has been growing rapidly in the social media world lately. We saw that Linkedin was hiring for a manager in China as well as having plans to grow big in China. Linkedin will soon to-be the dominate social network for professionals and working individuals. Even though most of us have a Linkedin, there are a lot of stats out there that you probably never knew about.

1. Linkedin A New Registered User Every Second

Linkedin is currently operates in over 200 countries world wide and has a new registered user every second. Can you imagine all the server and database load that they are receiving? Luckily, Linkedin has a powerful and talented developer team to maintain all these queries and scaling. It is reported that Linkedin has over 70 million users now. Linkedin is very aimed towards professional profiles, therefore there isn’t too many duplicate accounts. Being able to retain so many users on the platform is quite amazing.

2. Linkedin Drives More Direct Traffic Than Any Other Social Media

Facebook and Twitter might be the best place to get retweets, likes, shares, but most of the people that click like or share never actually converts to your webpage. Studies show that most people just read the headline and description, then click the like button and move onto the next interesting article. Rarely do they actually click on the site to view it in their browser.

Linkedin on the other hand typically has a higher conversion rate. Twitter has the lowest conversion rate out of all three. A recent study by econsultancy concluded that LinkedIn is now responsible for a staggering 64% of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites according to their research, which tracked an average of 2m monthly visits to 60 corporate websites over two years. By contrast, Facebook accounts for 17% of such visits, while Twitter is on just 14%. Most people would like to say it is because Linkedin’s group post are more geared towards the correct audience.



3. Linkedin’s busiest time is in the morning

Social media studies have shown that Twitter’s best time to tweet is somewhere at night because that is when people are off work and in front of their computer. Linkedin’s busiest time is the complete opposite. There is more traffic in the morning than night time. Most people tend to check Linkedin and their email when they arrive to the office. Since Linkedin is more of a professional platform, business hours tend to be the busiest time for Linkedin.

This is an important stat because most people actually never touch linkedin much after business hours. If you are a social media manager or somehow need to expand your product through linkedin, it might be smart to post early morning to catch people’s attention.

4. Linkedin is the oldest social media giant

Did you know that Linkedin has been around since 2003? Heck, I never knew what Linkedin was until 2 years ago and even then I barely used it. Linkedin has seen the fall of Myspace, the rise of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and all the other platforms. In the last few years Linkedin soared in popularity due to excellent leadership and a talented team, but it has been holding on for years before it reached today’s status.


5. Linkedin Has More Recruiters Than Anything Else

The majority of the people on linkedin are recruiters of some sort. It is estimated that out of all it’s users 1 out of 19 of them are recruiters making it one of the biggest professions on Linkedin. Recruiters love using Linkedin to hunt for their next superstar. A recruiter once told me that Linkedin is the first thing he goes through before even looking at the resume. To recruiters, endorsement and recommendations on the social media platform matters.

In addition to that, did you know you could create resumes with the site? The site has a built in resume creator tool that allows you to create a resume based on your profile. A lot of modern job platforms such as jobvite integrates linkedin and automatically helps you generate a resume.

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