5 Project Management Tools That Every Startup Should Be Using


5 Project Management Tools That Every Startup Should Be Using

Keeping your projects organized and being able to communicate with your co-founders/team members is the key to success in a rapidly growing startup. It’s easier said than done, luckily we have awesome project management tools out there that will help us stay organize and reach milestones. Traditionally, startup entrepreneurs wrote all their task and milestone in a notepad or word document file. This word document file will be shared between other team members through email or a print out. Now we have project management tools that not only help you keep track of your progress and milestones, but also help you assign task to various team members and many other functions. Here are 5 project management tools that your startup should be considering.

1. Asana

I first heard about Asana through an entrepreneur vlog video on Youtube. A startup entrepreneur was talking about how his life is much easier with Asana, so I did a quick search and gave it a try. Asana is my first go-to project management tool. Asana allows you to communicate and assign task under one platform. It helps to improve a team’s efficiency by putting their ideas, files, plans, conversations and tasks together, so they can achieve more at work by putting in least effort. The goal of Asana is to be able to put conversations & tasks together, so you can get more done with less effort.

Asana is great because it allows you to create multiple projects and assign team members to them. It has a mini social network build in so that you can track the progress per task per teammate. Within Asana, you can send files to other teammates such as documents that needs to be signed and much more. Asana is also compatible with mobile devices and it comes with a notification/alert system that will tell you when a teammate is trying to ping you.


asana project management

2. ProofHub

Proofhub is my next go-to project management tool. With ProofHub, all of your clients, staff members and projects stay in one central place, along with project discussions, files, milestones and to-do lists. You also get full control over which clients and staff members can access specific projects. Proofhub’s founders got tired of their teammates not being able to receive certain emails due to server errors or file size restrictions. The founders decided to start Proofhub to solve all the messy email problems by allowing the team to communicate through an in browser platform with no file restrictions.

Using ProofHub’s inbuilt browser chat, your clients and team members can chat instantly without downloading software or plug-ins, browser compatibility constraints and OS limitations. All they need’s a web browser. ProofHub automatically adds other teams into the chat list who are also a part of their project. No more asking clients to “Add me on IM!” Proofhub is designed to make communications between everyone easier. This will help your startup improve communication and improve client sales.

Proofhub offers a free 30 day trial without the need of a credit card for registration.


proofhub project management


3. Basecamp

Basecamp has been used by many startups over the years. Basecamp itself has improved a lot as a project management tool. This tool has been around for over 15 years with a proven track record. Basecamp runs in the cloud secure servers, so you don’t have to mess with anything technical. And with a 99.994% uptime record over the last 12 months, Basecamp is rock-solid reliable. If everyone in your group has a web browser or a smartphone, then they already have everything they need to start using Basecamp.

Basecamp does lack some features that asana and proofhub have. In my opinion, it isn’t the most “complete” project management tool, but it is very good and lightweight. Basecamp is similar to a social media project management system, where you can create projects, then invite your teammates to join. After your teammate joins, he can submit files to the cloud server so that everyone can view it within their browser. The system itself is quite straight forward and extremely lightweight. If you have a lot of remote workers for your startup, you should consider using Basecamp.




4. Podio

If you want a more advanced project management tool aimed towards Enterprise level companies, then you should look into using Podio. Podio is a project management app that includes social engagement, citrix integration, and a lot of business apps within the app. It is made to make project management easier. Podio offers in app instant chat messaging between you and your teammates and a simple interface for easy access. You can set up an account easily and it doesn’t bring in too much of a headache.

For developers, Podio offers a full in depth documentation on how to use their APIs. This allows you to build apps within the app. The Podio API is a complete programmable interface to all Podio functionality. Podio currently provides wrappers for PHP, .NET, Ruby, Java, Python and iOS which make working with common API operations very simple.




5. SmartSheet

Smartsheet is another useful project management tool that startups should be using. Smartsheet is more geared towards people who need to use some form of spreadsheet for their startup or company. If your startup relies heavily on budget planning, spreadsheet tracking, or anything spreadsheet related, then smartsheet might be your best project management choice. Smartsheet also comes with an in depth communication system that allows you and your teammate to share PDFs and spreadsheets within the cloud system.

Smartsheet allows you to create advance spreadsheets that you would usually make using Excel. This is the best tool for marketing analysis, charts, graphs, quarterly goals, and any other spreadsheet analysis features that you would need. Smartsheet has a feature that allows you to create spreadsheet based on a sales pipeline. Collaborate with reps on your sales pipeline. View and track key info on each opportunity, including estimated deal value, close date, probability of close, sales stage and status, contact info, next steps. The app also comes with client management, CRM, task & checklist, and many more other features.


 smartsheet project management


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  • Nik Moose

    +1 for Asana and ProofHub. For teams focusing on tasks only, Asana works great. For teams working remotely, wanting a better control on things that one actually needs for project management, ProofHub does the job well.

  • James Limberg

    Vote for Basecamp and Kanban Tool!

  • jmknmecrzy

    I just shopped for a project management tool for my team, I almost bought Asana and then I met the Streamframe team at SxSW. The project management space is so fragmented. Even with the most modern tools we still ended up relying on email and spreadsheets as a “catch all.” Particularly worrying to us was how financial and efficiency tracking seemed to be completely ignored when managing projects. Even in Beta, Streamframe solves all these problems. Their feed back is quick and they have already started working some of my companies suggestions into their road map. Here is the URL: check it out http://www.streamframe.com


  • http://www.casual.pm/ Nick Nikolaev

    Hi Wilson,

    If you like visual techniques, take a look at http://casual.pm Casual helps you visualize and manage the workflows of your projects.

    Also, I’d add a Trello to your list (Trello is damn popular among entrepreneurs).

  • Sara Lee

    Great Post! I have found another related article too in the
    link below:



  • http://www.stepsie.com/ Stepsie

    G’day Wilson! Nice article mate, thanks for putting it together.

    I thought you might like to know about a more structured Basecamp alternative we built called Stepsie.

    It’s free to use and great for projects large and small – http://www.stepsie.com



  • sebastian

    A good start is Dolibarr ERP&CRM, it gives you the full power of free opensource CRM and ERP that is really popular in france. They have a livedemo maybe you should check it out…

  • Dashakol

    When I’m on Checkvist.com I’m in the state of flow, my hands on keyboard, just typing, organizing, assigning and getting things done. Everything is done with intuitive keyboard shortcuts and it has a very sleek hierarchical interface.
    I’m using it for about 4 years now. A lovely couple is behind this project and they’ve done an amazing job of combining usability with simplicity.
    I’m constantly seeking for task management tools but never could find something that convince me to transfer my projects from Checkvist.

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