5 Startup Tech Trends To Expect in 2014


5 Startup Tech Trends To Expect in 2014

A lot has happened in the startup world already in the early 2014! 500startups, just recently closed their application for their next batch and Ycombinator just started their summer application recently. It seems like 2014 will be an exciting year with more and more aspiring startups and ideas. Here are 5 startup tech trends to expect in 2014.

1. Eyewear startups

Expect to be seeing more and more eyewear startups. These could be either the eyewear hardware itself or the software behind it. With new releases such as AR and other programmable eye wear interfaces, we see this being the next up and rising gadget. Once the prices of tech eyewear drop there will be more and more manufacturers looking to build tech eyewears all around the world. On the other side, we believe that other wearable gadgets such as watches will drop. The popularity isn’t growing as fast as the economy and businesses predicted.


2. Drones Drones Drones!

Okay, we might not be seeing drones in operation anytime soon, but this isn’t going to stop electronic manufacturers to start building these drones. Imagine all the programmable addons that you could put on the drone. With the announcement from Netflix saying that they will be using flying drones as well, we still this being a major opportunity for tech and hardware startups that wants to create programs for drones. Soon enough our world will be turned into a drone party!

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3. Cloud Startups

We will certainly be seeing more cloud startups. More and more gadgets have been getting released lately and these gadgets take up memory. Everyone needs to store their files somewhere. The traditional physical way of backing things up just doesn’t cut it for most people. It is also much more convenient to save it on an easy to access software that is integrated to your product. There are still a lot of people out there who knows about cloud, but doesn’t know how it works. E learning startups could look into teaching people how the cloud systems work and how it could improve their daily life. The con side to this is that the more information we leave on the internet, the more risk there is in leaking private information.

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4. HealthCare Startups/ E-visits

No matter how terrible the economy gets, we still need doctors. Doctors go through a lot of headaches and pressure themselves. A lot of health care startups have been creating technology to make the doctor’s and medical profession’s life easier. A new thing is coming in the near future called e-visits. This is a new technology that allows people to submit their issues online and a doctor will review the problem during the doctor’s downtime. If the problem is serious enough, then the doctor will direct them to a hospital. We could be seeing a lot of these with more integrated features such as video conferences and more.



5. Ecommerce

Every other day we hear stories about how top ecommerce sites are blooming in China and a few of the top ones are going IPO. We also hear about all the ecommerce apps that are being acquired and rising in fame. The economy is improving and people are having more money. Middle class is rising and so is the upper class, so spending power is higher for most individuals. Ecommerce is very scalable, has a lot of potential for growth, and is a great revenue generator. A lot of the new wave of recently accepted incubators are from ecommerce backgrounds.

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