5 Steps To Take Now That Will Change Your Life In Less Than 3 Months


5 Steps To Take Now That Will Change Your Life In Less Than 3 Months

One of the biggest problems that occurs for upcoming startups and aspiring Entrepreneurs is that they “don’t know what to do”. If your reading this article, you might be that person that is struggling with coming up with a startup idea, having trouble funding your idea, stuck in life, or you don’t know whether or not you should continue with your current goals. In other words, life might be ambiguous for you right now. Here’s five steps that you can take now to ensure you know what you want in the future.

1. Identify Your Goal And Where You Want To Be/Define Success

This is extremely important. One of the biggest problems with entrepreneurs including myself is being able to identify what I really want. Today I could be thinking about a great idea and tomorrow another idea might pull me away. This to me is a waste of time especially if I’m coming up with different goals every other day. The first step to take is to identify your goals within a 3 month timeframe, then identify your future goals. How do you define success for yourself? That is the hardest question, but take a moment and think about it. You could write it down if you like, but ask yourself does success mean getting rich or achieving fame? Does 1 million dollar in your bank account define success or is 100,000 enough? This might be achieving seed round funding for some people or teaching themselves how to code. Nevertheless define success for yourself and then move onto step 2.

2. Focus Focus Focus

If you want to change your life and reach goals you have to focus on one thing. For example, I know a lot of successful entrepreneurs that had a stable job and “toyed” around with entrepreneurship. They never made huge money, never had a goal, and never built a big startup. It wasn’t until they got laid off or fired before they narrowed themselves down to working hard on one single idea. The key goal is to focus. As I mentioned above, if you having a new idea every other day, chances are you won’t get anywhere. The saying goes that the first year of business is always going to be in the negatives, but if you focus you will get pass the first year and make it to the second. You’re not going to be able to change your life if you drop your startup/business on the first week. Stay focus, don’t let anyone talk you down, and reach for your definition of success.

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3. Determine your daily and weekly goals

Now that we define success, we need to determine our daily and weekly goals. You have to map out what it will take for you to reach your definition of success. If say your definition of success is to build a big social network startup, map out what it takes to reach there. Start with the design, the recruiting process, the marketing process, and when is the correct time to bring in some funding. In other words, set a sitemap/roadmap for yourself and your life. Don’t just tell yourself this is your weekly or daily goals, instead write it down on a piece of paper or on your Evernote app and then cross it out when it’s finish. Don’t sleep until you completed all your daily task. The reason why you should cross it out is because it makes us feel a sense of accomplishment. Writing it down kind of forces us to “go do it” instead of saying, “ok i will do it when I have time.” At the end of the week check to see if you have reached your new goals. Whether you have fully completed it or not, you are a better person now and much wiser/successful than you were the week before.

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4. Find and Kill Distractions

Find out what is the main thing that is distracting you in your life. Is it those nonstop facebook notification or ridiculous text messages? Are you spending too much time in front of the TV or reading fantasy sport news? Sure you might say that you are only spending 15 minute a day on each one of those task, but the fact is that they add up and they are indeed distractions. To reach your goals you have to throw away those distractions. The best way to start doing that is by writing down what are your distractions. It could be anything, actually the more the better. Are you eating out too much with your friends? Write down every little thing you can think of. After you determine what your distractions are, kill it. Tell yourself that you want to be successful and reach your goals so kill all the distractions on your list. They’re a waste of time. Force yourself to do so by turning your plane on airplane mode or disabling your facebook. Did you know that most Harvard/MIT students disable their facebook during the semester?

5. Take Action, See Results, REWARD

When it comes to startups, a lot of known people like Seth Golden always tell people to “take action“. Now that you have defined your success, vowed to change your life, determined your daily and weekly goals, and killed all distractions, it is time to take action and see results. Don’t worry about what other people say about your idea or that it wont work. Hell, half of the ideas out there doesn’t make sense yet they become billion dollar companies. It is all apart of killing distractions, do not get discouraged by what people say. Believe in your idea and take action. Go towards that successful idea and goal that you came up with in step one. Reach high for that daily task and achieve it. Finally, reward yourself at the end of the week or month. Look at that list that you wrote down and crossed out. Then tell yourself, “Hey! I did it, I achieved my goals. Might not be a big step for others, but a huge step for me!” Reward yourself with something you want. Whether that be going out on a fine dinner or relaxing on some funny videos, just reward yourself so that you feel happy and will achieve your next weekly and monthly goals.

If you follow these 5 steps, I guarantee that you will be on your way to success and change your life within 3 months. Time isn’t meant to be wasted! Change your life now and don’t waste time! Good luck all!


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