6 Productivity Tips You Must Know For Getting Things Done


6 Productivity Tips You Must Know For Getting Things Done

Sometime a startup can be too much fun, so much fun that you become lazy and entirely forget about work. More often than not, we tell ourselves to get things done. We tell ourselves that we need to reply to this email or we have to draft up a presentation. Fifteen minutes later we find ourselves watching Youtube or surfing Facebook. Reality is that this happens a lot and this can tank your startup, so here are 6 productivity tips you must know for getting things done.

1. Punish Yourself

Next time you tell yourself that you are going to complete a task and you end up on facebook or youtube, punish yourself. Find a punishment that you hate and make sure you tell one of your co-workers about the punishment so that they can ensure that you are actually punishing yourself. This should be something that you hate. If you hate working out, punish yourself to do 50 pupshups. After a short punish you will feel refreshed and won’t make the same mistake again.

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2. Set Daily Goals

Download a notetaking app like Evernote and set goals. A lot of startup CEOs and top entrepreneurs use this method to keep track of the task that they need to complete for the day. Before you sleep everynight jot down what you need to accomplish the next day. Make a list of it and constantly check it to remind yourself what you have to do. The best way to do this is to make a list of everything that you need to do. This includes the small type of task where you say, “I’ll see if I have time for this.” Whether you have time or not, mark it down and get in a habit of checking it frequently.

3. Focus on a Single Task

As much as you can multi-task, your brain can only perform one single task at a time. Of course being apart of a startup means that you have to have more than just a single skill and have to be a full stack performer, but this does not mean that you should be skipping in between task every 2 minutes. From my experience, I get a lot more done when I focus on one thing at a time. If you have multiple milestones to reach for the day, focus on one for a few hours, then move onto another for a few hours. The key goal here is to be able to reach a milestone instead of getting nowhere or moving slowly.


4. Set Your Phone To Airplane Mode

Unless you have to make a lot of outbound calls, consider setting your cell phone to airplane mode. This is one of the best productivity tips I have ever received. You can still listen to music through your phone even when it’s set to airplane mode. Now a days, we tend to get distracted by our phones easily. The thing that distract people the most is the notifications that we receive. This can be all disabled through an airplane mode as long as you don’t connect to wifi!

5. Go For A Walk/Stretch

I cant emphasize enough on how important this is. Did you know that sitting for a few hours in a roll is extremely bad on the body? A lot of office workers eventually experience back issues later in their life. Not only does going for a mini walk or stretching help your body, but it also clears your mind. You will be more prepared for work after clearing your mind and you will also be functioning a lot better as well. You could always go for a short 5-10 minute coffee break to relax and use the coffee to boost your confidence!

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6. Reward Yourself And Let It Be Known

You can punish yourself when you failed to complete a task, but at the same time you could also reward yourself for completing a task. Reward yourself with something that you actually love. For example if you love to play games, tell yourself that you will only buy that game if you reach a certain milestone. Grind out that milestone and when you finally reach it, reward yourself with the game and starting setting the next goal! Keep doing this and at the same time let it be known. Let your startup team know that you completed a task so that everyone can cheer for you and give you a lot of confidence.

There we go! 6 productivity tips you must know for getting things done.




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