80,000 Volts To The Heart With The Cupid Drone.


80,000 Volts To The Heart With The Cupid Drone.

Seems like the robotic industry has stepped up their game in creating more drones. This time a couple of guys at the SXSW introduced an autonomous flying drone that can taser a person with over 80,000 volts.

Introducing The Cupid Drone.

Built by Chaotic Moon Studios, the Cupid drone helicopter that can be activated upon a person property where it will hover in place and detain any escaping thieves. The owner will be notified of the drone action on an application where they will be able to chose to select a “detain” option. This will set the drone into a fully autonomous mode, tasering any criminal scum with 80,000 volts causing them to go unconscious until the arrival of the police.

The Good The Bad and The Ugly.

This drone protected property is a pretty solid idea, but can take us down a spiraling slope if used in a careless manner. Americans are allowed to protect one property with a weapon as long as its in self-defense, guns being one of the more primary weapons to be used. While not everyone is actually fond of guns, they can purchase of of these bad boys and use it to defend their home, if they are more inclined in using non-lethal manners.

One problem that could occur with the drones are a bunch of malicious hackers getting their hands on the kit and finding a way to use it against the owner. Just imagine a bunch of drones chasing you down the streets with stun guns that are juiced up with 80,000 volts. Spine chilling indeed.


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