8track Brings All Your Music Needs to Xbox 360 With Their New APP.


8track Brings All Your Music Needs to Xbox 360 With Their New APP.

8Track a Music Startup, has recently announced that it will be bringing its official application towards console owners for the Xbox 360, will now be able to use their service.

Xbox Subscription and Playlists.


Any Xbox gamer with a subscription with a Xbox Live Gold account will be able to download this application as of yesterday. The application will give the gamer access to all sorts of unlimited 8tracks playlist and hear them through the console.

An 8track Account or Subscription will not be necessary in downloading or using the application, Although creating an account will greatly enhance the playlist of the owner with 8tracks ability to synchronize any songs or artist that are either liked or followed by the owner, onto the console.8track has also added support for the use of the Kinect so the application can be controlled through voice command or hand gestures.

From 5 million to 8 million.

The application is totally free and will not require any unnecessary payment, just make sure to have a Xbox Live Gold Subscription and all should be well.

8track has also added to their announcement of their recent that they have managed to reach 8 million monthly active users, who stream over 30 million hours. This leads up to the previous announcement of 5 million monthly active users and 10 million hours that where streamed back in 2012.



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