94Fifty The Smart Sensor Basketball Created for Glassware.


94Fifty The Smart Sensor Basketball Created for Glassware.

InfoMotion Sports Technologies has recently announced  the availability of the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball Glassware. Building off the success of its award winning 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball, the company has advanced its digital sports technology platform beyond the smartphone and tablet. This is the first team-sport application for Google Glass that communicates with an object that enters free-flight.

“The addition of Glass as a medium to receive and immediately report shooting results combined with the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball allows a hands-free training experience for players at all levels,” said Michael Crowley, CEO of InfoMotion Sports Technologies. “We continue to bring athletes the smartest and most advanced sports products that measure both the quantity and quality of muscle memory skills for high-participation team sports such as basketball and soccer.”

Smart sensor.

94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball uses its patented point-of-force technology to help athletes more rapidly develop muscle-memory. The basketball measures key motor skills, learns the strengths and weaknesses of players at any level, and adapts as the player improves. While wearing Glass, basketball players receive visual and audio shot feedback in real time for skills including shot arc, shot release speed and backspin. With a range of over 100 yards, the basketball communicates with Glass via Bluetooth to display key metrics necessary to build better shooting skills – fast.

The 94Fifty Glassware instantly overlays shooting data into the field of view for the shooter or coach to help the user visualize the quality of each shot. The data makes it easier for the player to adjust mechanics, improve shooting range, develop a softer shot, or simply become a better free throw shooter. It can be used by the coach watching the player, or by the player practicing on his or her own.

The Glassware includes three key shooting analyses tools:

  •     Shot Arc Analyzer – Soften your shot for more consistency by learning to shoot with ideal arc.
  •     Shot Release Speed Timer – Increase scoring opportunities with more shot attempts by always shooting at game speed.
  •     Shot Backspin Analyzer – Improve accuracy by developing a strong wrist for better follow through and a shooters touch.


The powerful suite of sensors inside the regulation size and weight basketball, the most advanced of its kind in the world, measures skill precisely, and quickly utilizes that data to prescribe proven, personalized methods to improve mental coordination and skills that have been traditionally impossible to measure.

The 94Ffifty Smart Sensor Basketball has received industry recognition since its launch. Most recently, it has been named a 2014 Award Finalist by the internationally renowned Edison Awards™, as an International CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree for the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball in the Embedded Technologies; Gaming Hardware & Accessories; and Health & Fitness categories, as well as a finalist in the 2014 Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards.

Current 94Fifty apps are now available for Glass, iOS 7 and Android, and give athletes the ability to share their achievements with friends, family and coaches via social media.

The 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball and Glass are sold separately. Glassware for 94Fifty is now available at the following link: https://glass.google.com/glassware.

94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball is the Official Smart Basketball of the National Association of Basketball Coaches and has been endorsed by the Amateur Athletic Union Basketball (AAU).

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