ABPathfinder Launched Itself as a StartUp Health Company.


ABPathfinder Launched Itself as a StartUp Health Company.

ABPathfinder, LLC, developer of autism therapy management solutions, has recently manage to join the StartUp Health Academy as a Healthcare Transformer. The three-year program combines coaching and community support to grow and scale digital health companies and includes 71 companies from seven countries.

“It’s an exciting time for innovation in autism therapy, and therapists working with us are bringing the best and brightest ideas to the field,” said ABPathfinder CEO, Jeff Blackwood. “ABPathfinder is proud to bring healthcare innovation and technology to autism therapy, and our inclusion in the StartUp Health Academy is recognition of our efforts and those of our customers.”


A global startup platform accelerating innovation in health and wellness, Startup Health will work with ABPathfinder to extend its business and solve critical healthcare problems. ABPathfinder is one of eight companies to join StartUp Health’s portfolio this month in celebration of its third anniversary.

“We designed StartUp Health for companies we believe are going to transform healthcare over the next several years, bringing critical solutions to address the healthcare challenges facing this country,” said Unity Stoakes, co-founder and president of Startup Health. “We are excited about how ABPathfinder is using technology and data to help therapists improve the lives of individuals with autism.”

Founded in 2010, ABPathfinder develops solutions that assist therapists in helping individuals with autism spectrum disorders live more social lives. Through its support software and technology tools, ABPathfinder helps autism centers around the country improve therapy and significantly cut administrative time. The ABPathfinder system cuts administrative time, increases face-to-face time with students, and reports individual progress to better inform strategic therapy decisions.

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