AccountingSuite Presents Foxhound Release at Midwest Accounting.


AccountingSuite Presents Foxhound Release at Midwest Accounting.

AccountingSuite invites accountants and finance professionals to experience its new Foxhound release at the 2014 Midwest Accounting & Finance Showcase, held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois on August 27 and 28.

AccountingSuite is all-in-one accounting, inventory, order management and project tracking software. Cloud-based and secure, AccountingSuite lets finance professionals access critical business information at their desktop, laptop or tablet.

“From startups to growing companies, AccountingSuite scales from start to exit,” said Co-founder Kurt Kunselman. “In-house finance professionals and independent accountants alike can choose different modules without adding costs and complexity. AccountingSuite is flexible and reliable.”

The AccountingSuite team will offer demos of their web application at the showcase. They will also be available to discuss new developments in accounting software, cloud banking, the unique needs of international and product-based companies, and common misconceptions about cloud-based software.

AccountingSuite API offers real-time integration


At booth #1727, AccountingSuite will showcase its latest version, Foxhound, released August 16 with these new features:

  • Advanced units of measure, which allows companies to purchase goods in one quantity and sell in another, while keeping accurate inventory counts.
  • Pay a bill directly without creating new or duplicate data entries.
  • Cloud banking, which allows authorized users to see current bank balances.
  • Share information with the sales team so they can sell smarter. Allow access to information on unit costs, margins, available inventory and quantities they can promise.


Showcase attendees are invited to experience the ease of working in AccountingSuite:

  • Banking transactions appear daily, and can be tagged with category and vendor names. This cloud banking feature helps eliminate double entry of transactions.
  • Easy for end users to learn, so accountants’ clients can add transactions, run operational tasks, and pull reports.
  • Mobile and secure, accessible from the office, at home and the coffee shop without uploading and downloading transactions.
  • Always updated, never an old version and no time consuming updates.


AccountingSuite was built from the ground-up to work elegantly in the cloud. Compare AccountingSuite with Quickbooks Online:

  • Transactions are easy to find. Users can keep multiple tasks open and switch easily between tabs.
  • Includes sales orders, sales quotes, inventory functions and purchase orders, which are critical for companies that buy and sell physical goods.
  • Multiple warehouses, ability to manage drop-ship, project and time tracking are all built in to the software, without costly add-ons.
  • Handles multiple currencies and multiple units of measure like a champion. This helps sales and operation teams work together without the need for additional spreadsheets.
  • Salespeople can convert a sales order into a purchase order, and everything cascades perfectly into inventory counts.

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