Acompli Gains $7.3 Million In Series A Funding For Email App.


Acompli Gains $7.3 Million In Series A Funding For Email App.

A San Francisco Based startup by the name of Acompli is an up and coming application software that will allow people to deal with their work email on there phones much more easily. The product isn’t out yet, and won’t be for another couple of months before its launching date, for the Iphone.

However, Acompli has recently announced that it has managed to raise over $7.3 million in series A funding, which was lead by Redpoint Ventures, With Falicis Ventures and Harrison Metal.

“Mobile email is the first place you read most things, but you don’t ‘do’ much email from your phone,” said Acompli co-founder and CEO Javier Soltero, who previously co-founded the application management company Hyperic, which merged with SpringSource and was acquired by VMware.

“We literally define success by enabling people to do more things with the phone three feet away from their face and with one hand,” Soltero said.

Soltero went on to team up with a group of experienced coders, who previously had created another email services by the name of Zimbra, which has been sold to Yahoo. Zimbra CEO Satish Dharmaraj, was one of the lead the lead investor at redpoints and has met Soltero before during his time at Redpoint as an entrepreneur.

Together both Soltero and Dharmaraj managed to work together in creating the Acompli application. The features added to  the app offer a much more richer experience than other default apps available on the iPhone. This includes a much more faster searching interface and a sophisticated contacts that make email composition much more faster and smoother. This is mostly due in thank to Acompli having its own servers to run its application.


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