Acompli Launches Its Easy-to-Use App to Simplify Mobile Email.


Acompli Launches Its Easy-to-Use App to Simplify Mobile Email.

A company focused on improving how the world works through mobile email, Acompli recently announced the Acompli application is now available for free on the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch. The application will become the first to tightly combine advance email, full calendaring, file sharing and smart contact into a single fast, easy-to-use application. Developed by an experienced enterprise email software team, Acomplie allows professionals to deal with mobile email in the moment and become more productive while on the go.


Email remains one of our primary form of communication in the business world, with nearly 1 billion professional email users. Professionals are increasingly becoming mobile, and more than half of all emails are now first opened on mobile devices. Although, most existing mobile email applications are designed to defer emails to be handled later on, creating a productivity gap that Acompli wish to fill with its new application.

“While the mobile app revolution has increased time spent on mobile, it hasn’t necessarily improved productivity,” said Acompli CEO and cofounder, Javier Soltero. “Now, Acompli combines a new and unique mobile user experience with the power and ubiquity of email that helps professionals get more done on the go, dramatically increasing productivity on smartphones.”


Acompli was developed from the ground up by a team of consumer and enterprise software veterans with over a decade of experience disgning and developing top of the line mobile applications at companies like, Electronic Arts, Path and eBay as wee as email and Internet infrastructure at companies like Zimbra, VMware and Yahoo. Acompli leverages the full capabilities of smartphones such as location awareness and gesture control to help busy professionals:

  • Conquer the Calendar: Share available times, schedule meetings and more, all tightly integrated with email. Switching between email and calendar apps is a thing of the past.
  • Solve Attachment Discovery: Attach any file to an email in just two taps. Every file sent or received is in one convenient list to make file handling a breeze while on the go.
  • Find Anything Fast: Find important emails, people or files with a couple of keystrokes. Intelligent predictive search helps find everything faster.
  •  Contact Important People: Discover the people you contact most often. Access all related emails, meetings and files to manage relationships more efficiently.

The Acompli application will become available for download for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch. The application supports Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps and Gmail.

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