What Is Ad Retargeting And Why Should You Consider It?


What Is Ad Retargeting And Why Should You Consider It?

Traditionally with Google Adwords, ads appear randomly and sometime the ads have absolutely nothing to do with your interest of category. That would be a waste of money for a startup that is looking to gain traction through ads. Sometime you visit a website and notice that you see ads related to your interest. Afterwards, you log onto a whole different website and see the same ads. What happen there? That is ad retargeting. Ad retargeting is an effective strategy that can help you gain traction and target the correct audience. 

Two Types Of Ad Retargeting

There are two main types of ad retargeting. This is the search engine ad retargeting and the in-site ad retargeting. Google, Bing, Yahoo and other top search engines have been doing a great job recently with optimizing their ad system to be more aimed towards ad retargeting. Search engine retargeting is where the search engine saves your category of interest and only show you related ads to that category. That way you won’t end up seeing random ads that have nothing to do with anything when you make a Google search.

The second type of ad retargeting is in-site ad retargeting. This is probably the one we run into the most and is used most often by top companies. The way this works is say for example you click on an ad and visit a site to buy cheap shoes. You browse around the site and decide that the price of the shoe may be too high for you. A few days later you visit a different site, and notice an ad for the first cheap shoe site that you visited a few days ago. This is in-site ad retargeting. In a way, the ads are appearing as a reminder for reminding you to revisit the site. This helps boost conversion to potential customers that already show interest in your product.

ad retargeting infographicad retargeting infographic

On the more technical side, ad retargeting works by leaving behind a cookie on your potential client’s computer. This cookie is unknown to them and most of the time they won’t delete their cookies. Most of the ad retargeting softwares out there will require you to insert a snippet of code onto your website’s header or homepage so that they can track user’s interest and movements.

Should I Use Ad Retargeting?

Yes, every startup that is looking to get into ads should consider and use ad retargeting. As I mentioned above, it can be considered as a friendly reminder to your potential customers. In a way, you’re letting your customer know that your website still exist and that your product is still available to the public.

An example would be a customer searching for newest Nike Air Jordans. You know that your website has the lowest price for the most authentic and best Nike Air Jordans out there, but the customer doesn’t know that. The customer sees an ad to your site for brand new Nike Air Jodans and decides to click on it to visit your site. Upon visiting your site the customer feels that the price is too high and wants to continue searching around other shoe sites on the web. A few days later, the customer forgot about your site because it was probably one of the first ones that he/she visited. Out of nowhere your ad appears again on another shoe site and the customer realizes that you’re website is the cheapest, so he/she decides to go back and purchase the shoe. This is the power of ad retargeting. It will show up on your competitor’s website as long as the cookie is saved on the potential customer’s computer.

Solutions For Ad Retargeting

Now that you have fully understand how ad retargeting works, let’s take a look at a few solutions for ad retargeting that is used by most startups.


Ad roll is probably the number one most used ad retargeting system. Adroll is highly praised in the startup and blogging community. From small mom and pop shops, to Fortune 100 companies, AdRoll has more active customers than any other retargeting platform. Adroll’s approach has been tested, and proven thousands of times. In fact, 97% of all companies that try AdRoll, stick with AdRoll.

Adroll has one of the lowest CPM advertising rates. The company claims that their customer’s return of investment is 10 dollar for every 1 dollar spend. Adroll comes with an amazing Facebook retargeting feature that helps startup retarget facebook ads. Retargeting on Facebook works the same way as other retargeting. If a visitor comes to your site and learns about your products, but leaves before purchasing, AdRoll can display your ads on Facebook later. This helps bring your visitors back to your site and keeps your brand top of mind.

Adroll also comes with an in-depth and non-messy analytical data report. You could also use the platform to customize liquid ads so that you’re ads aren’t appearing as web 1.0 looking text ads.


ad retargeting


Retargeter is a full-service display advertising solution specializing in retargeting and audience targeting. Their ad retargeting solutions help you optimize your marketing spend by serving targeted display ads to the right people at the right time. I’m not a huge fan of retargeter, but they are widely supported by top marketing companies such as Kissmetrics.

One of the biggest benefits I see from using retargeter is their account management service. Retargeter will assign an account manager to your startup to help you set everything up hassle free. The account manager will go over your analytical reports with you and discuss campaign options with you.

Retargeter also includes a wide range of targeted sites. Your ads will have access over 98% of ad inventory available across the Web, including sites like Yahoo!, the New York Times, and Facebook. The company is based in San Francisco and works directly with many different startups.


There are a lot more other ad retargeting softwares out there. It is best that you choose one that will fit your ad retargeting needs as well as keeping the cost minimal. A good analytical platform is what I always look for in a retargeting system.

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