Advanta IRA Holds Webinar for Investors Crowdfunding.


Advanta IRA Holds Webinar for Investors Crowdfunding.

The word crowdfund refers to a new way small businesses and other entities may use to seek investors to raise capital to fund their endeavors. In the past, only sophisticated and accredited investors were permitted to participate in private equity opportunities.


However, the Jumpstart Our Business Startup (JOBS) act potentially allows unaccredited investors to participate in these ventures, allowing new and existing companies to raise small amounts of money from large groups—or crowds—of people. Those who use self-directed IRAs are looking forward to the investment options this presents.

Use of the Internet and social media platforms helped crowdfunds become a successful way to raise donation funds for a worthy cause for which donors receive nothing in return. When used as an investment vehicle, individuals typically receive shares or equity in the venture.

“In terms of the world of finance, crowdfunding is projected to become a popular way for companies obtain funding by selling small amounts of equity to a large number of investors–which has the attention of self-directed IRA owners,” says Jack Callahan, managing partner at Advanta IRA Services.


Join Scott Maurer of Advanta IRA on this webinar to discover how individuals can use self-directed IRAs to invest in crowdfunding opportunities. Guest David Chitester of Florida Funders explains this new investment concept and how smaller investors are using the internet to find investment opportunities that they otherwise may not have been able to participate in.

Chitester and Maurer also explain what things an investor needs to be aware of when considering these types of investments. “This webinar is a great opportunity for all investors to learn the ins-and-outs crowdfunding presents and to be able to ask questions of the experts,” says Callahan.

Advanta IRA does not offer investment advice, but is committed to educating clients and other investors on the benefits and risks of using self-directed IRAs. Events such as webinars, seminars and interactive classes are offered at no cost for investors and other individuals seeking ways to diversify their retirement portfolios

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