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Agent by Egomotion is a smart personal assistant app that helps you save battery, sleep peacefully, find your car, set meetings, and assist you with your driving needs. Originally the app was priced for $1.99 in the app store, but now it has gone free. Agent’s app comes with an elegant design that not only works well but looks great.You can control the five components of the app individually by disabling/enabling accordingly.



Sleep Agent can silence your phone automatically when you go to sleep, and you’re able to configure the times and days it’s active.You can also stipulate the number of minutes of inactivity on your phone before this mode is activated, which is useful if you don’t go to bed exactly on cue. You can then select who’s allowed to wake you by choosing specific names from your contacts, or select an auto-respond message asking your chosen contacts to text ‘urgent’ to ring your phone.

The next awesome feature is a powersaving mode that will automatically dim your phone, turn off bluetooth, turn off all the unnecessary apps and settings running in your background when your battery is low. This will allow you to use your last bit of juice effectively.

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Agent’s third feature is a feature that tracks your car location automatically in the background. It will pinpoint exactly where you parked your car, so that you will not have trouble finding it after a long meeting in a busy parking lot.

The last feature is a meeting silencer that will silence your phone during meetings.

Supposedly, there will be more features released in the near future, but as of now Agent only has five features. This powerful app is free in the app store now.

You can get the app in the playstore here:


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