AgileSwitch New Found Partnership with LeoNovus For Better Security


AgileSwitch New Found Partnership with LeoNovus For Better Security.

LeoNovus has recently decided to sign up with a small enterprise customer that will help them quickly help them in their endeavor to changing data center computing.

It has been recently announced that AgileSwitch has become on of their customers for their use in distributing cloud services.

One of the main reason for this move by AgileSwitch, was their concern in being able to secure data exchange with their customers and to make sure the data has been properly saved up in the cloud. Thank to LeoNovus service they won’t have to worry much about any lose of data.

AgileSwitch is a small firm based in Philadelphia that works in renewable energy that makes power for electronic devices. The firm is only under $1 million in revenue with 20 employees under it belt. Nonetheless, their main clients make up of internationally large industrial manufacturers.

While it would normally be possible for AgileSwitch to use other cloud-based storage services like Dropbox to exchange any important documents, they had gotten notices from clients claiming to view such method was not secure enough for them. So AgileSwitch searched for a more secure storage, until they managed to look into LeoNovus distributed data center solution and found that it was up to date, economically friendly, and allowed automatic updates.

LeoNovus is based in Sunnyvale, California, has manage to find a way to do cloud computing in a highly effective manner. the company promises all its customers a higher level of global dispersion, security, privacy, and redundancy. This has spoken by LeoNovus own chief executive Campbell. The company will make sure to provide AgileSwitch with a wide assortment of data management services. .

“Increasingly, we are facing demands for more security,” said Weber. “It’s becoming a problem. The security of what LeoNovus offers is important to us and having the data distributed is a big benefit.”


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