Airbnb co-founder Talks On Company’s Possible Expansion.


Airbnb Co-founder Talks On Company’s Possible Expansion.

The online services that matches travelers with home owners or renter who wish to share their home for a period amount of time, Airbnb, has recently announced the possibility of the company expanding.

The Interview.

During an interview with The Next Web that was published on Tuesday, Nathan Blecharczyk co-founder of Airbnb had spoken about how his company isn’t just a business that is there to provide accommodation and continued to say that Airnbnb is currently look for was to can provide more conveniences for its customers.

We don’t think we’re just in the business of providing accommodation,” said Blecharczyk. “Really, what our customers are caring out, is their trip as a whole. We want to think about that pretty holistically – and we think there’s a lot of opportunity for us to provide services to you, because we already know a lot about you. We have your payment information on file, you have our mobile app in your pocket…and so, how can we use the mobile app and our existing relationship with you, to deliver more conveniences to you?”

Potential Partners.

Its has yet to be determined how the company will be sharing those “conveniences” for the time being. Blecharczyk has went on to say his company could possible create a car service that will help their customers arrive at their desired destinations, leading towards a hint that Uber could be a future potential partner for that. He didn’t comment further on other possible partnerships that could soar from Airbnb’s expansion. but they have alot of choices when it comes to partnering up with another business, whether it be a dining-related partnership or something more local provided in ares with Airbnb services.


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