Acquisitions Digital Comics Provider ComiXology.

2 Acquisitions Digital Comics Provider ComiXology. seems to have taken in interest on comics in a serious manner as the e-commerce giant had announced plans on Thursday, that it would be acquiring the digital comics read and storefront Comixology.

The amount of cash that will be paid has not been disclosed by Amazon at the moment, although Comixology’s fortune attracted many customer and publisher who have treated the application and Web site as the main place to g online for their daily comic book purchases.

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Co-founded back in 2007 in New York by David Steinberger, The company publishes most American comic books digitally, as well many books from international publishers, its a one-stop shopping marketplace for comic books. During a statement Steinberger said that this is what made it a good match for Amazon.

“Comixology’s mission is to spread the love of comics and graphic novels in all forms,” Steinberger said. “There is no better home for Comixology than Amazon to see this vision through.”

At the moment, Comixology works with 75 publishers worldwide, as well as independent creators. It also offers a publishing program for upcoming new comic book talent. The company will continue to be based within New York, for the time being, with this deal expected to close sometime during the end of June.


Amazon’s vice President of content Acquisition and independent publishing, David Nagger, said in a released statement that both companies are invested in “reinventing reading in a digital world.”


Comixology gained a huge amount of traction due to the demand of digital marketplaces for comic, a huge launch on the first iPad, and its patented technology for Guided View, a tap-to-read method for advancing panel to panel in digital comics. Gross sales of Comixology’s iPad application placed it within the top 10 during 2010 and 2011, and made it the number one grossing, non-gaming application during 2012 and 2013.

Although, Comixology has a bit of a reputation for withholding certain comics from its store taht other digital retailers would be willing to publish, based on content within the books, specifically those that have not been labeled to be suitable for children. The company has found itself within some dangerous lines before from other ways as well. A deal to offer 700 Marvel comic for free had crashed its servers, while a recent data breach forced its customer to change their passwords.

Comixology’s vice president of communications and marketing, commented that he did not expect Amazon to change the prices for digital comics, nor did he expect much conflict between Comixology and comic books available on Amazon’s own Kind Fire tablet.

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