Amazon Finally Unveils The Kindle FireTV Streaming Device.


Amazon Finally Unveils The Kindle FireTV Streaming Device.

Amazon has decided to finally take a step towards making an appearance in people living rooms. Three years after it had managed to change its streaming video service into a direct competitor against other streaming service like Nextflix, the company had announced its long-awaited set-top box, the Kind Fire TV, a set-top box that will allow Amazon to finally compete against Roku, Apple, and other streaming services.


Instead of offering video services on devices from other companies, this will give Amazon a way to better reach out to their consumers through the power of television.

Peter Larsen, Amazon’s own Vice President of Kindle, had launched the event off with a highly impressive stat, that showed the company video usages increase in numbers by a total of 250 percent, thanks to their approach on focusing with publishing amazing content.

“We need to invent and simplify on behalf of customers,” Larsen said. “We created an experience that uses state of the art power and performance in the service of simplicity,” he added.

The Kind Fire TV has been said to be even more faster then, by three-times, of Roku, Chromecast and AppleTV, according to Larsen. All the processing power goes straight towards making the box work efficiently. Larsen went on to show that it could start playing a Television show in less than a second after being selected by users. The Kindle Fire TV also contains an incredible low profile.

In a similar fashion to that of their competitors, Kindle Fire TV will also be featuring a simple and miniature remote, but it does have one difference from other remotes. The device will allow users to search by using voice commands.

Amazon gets into the set-top box fray with Kindle Fire TV

Its Own Surprise.

The Kindle Fire TV will contain the essentials such as sports and plenty of content from partners, which include Netflix, Hulu, and others. The device will also be combined with Android and application that are built in HTML, so Larsen says it will be much simpler for other media partners to create their own application for Kindle Fire TV.

Larsen didn’t proceed to waste time on pointing out the issues of the current media boxes available to the public, such as Apple TV search function taking a long time, with its rather simplistic remote, which only allows users to type one letter at a time. Customer review noted that Google’s own Chromecast also had issues with synchronizing videos, and other customers had complained about the prices of $50 a year to simple use the video services on the Xbox 360.

Amazon has been smart enough to use these complaints and find a way to make sure they do not repeat the same problem and mistakes that their competitors have. With its successful launching of Kindle Fire Tablet, which has served as a dual purpose as an electronic catalog for Amazon products and services, as well as cheap Android tablet. Although there might be some negative affects with how late in the game this product is coming out, all we can do is wait and see for now.

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