Amazon Launches A Sellers App For Growing Businesses.


Amazon Launches A Sellers App For Growing Businesses.

Some good piece of news has come for those who frequently use Amazon to sell their products. The giant e-commerce has decided to launch a mobile application that has been named ‘Amazon Sells’ for this purpose. The app has been designed specifically for a any business who wishes to reach out towards the millions of customers by listing down their products on Amazon’s site. Although one negative thing that can be said about the application is only available towards those who own a iPhone and are currently located within the US.

The Beneficial Features.

This type of application has always been missing from Amazon. While third-party application did exist such as the SellerMobile app, merchants would be forced to pay a subscription of $5 per month just to use the app for selling in a far more easier way. Amazon Sellers has a wide verity of tools for mobile users to use and allow sellers to search and scan bar codes of items, check prices, list items, sales rankings and reviews, and communicate with their customers.

A user can even scan barcodes by using their iPhone camera. The sellers interaction with customers is done through a dedicated communication panel. Furthermore, this application will allow a user to estimate the profitability of the selling item prior to putting the item up for sale. All that needs to be done is for the user to put up the cost data and Amazon informs the user on how much they will make after their fees have been deducted.


Amazon_Seller. ​

The Listing created by the application has been made available on the main website and app users will have access to their Amazon seller account through Amazon’s secure servers. The application is free to download and can be found in the app store.


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