Amazon Will Expand Fire TV Voice Search With Trio of New Partners.


Amazon Will Expand Fire TV Voice Search With Trio of New Partners.

Amazon has recently released an announcement of update information about Fire TV, with voice search support coming for Crackle, Hulu Plus, and Showtime Anytime, along with some a whole new load of fresh games, Amazon Mp3 support and much more. The update for the set-top box will due sometime during the summer. Amazon further elaborated that voice search for Netflix is still noticeable by its absence.


At the moment, voice search is for the most part limited to Amazon’s very own Instant Video service. Pressing and holding the microphone button for the Bluetooth remote allows views to search with the use of spoken command, whether it may be for content name, a genre, or preferred actor.

Although, while it may work decently enough for Amazon content, it doesn’t utilize media from third-party services, despite application for them currently being available for the box. This means that search results will end up missing free options by that the user might also have subscribed too, and only through showing paid streaming form Amazon itself.

This problem will be partially addressed, at least when it comes to Hulu Plus, Crackle, and Showtime Anytime included support for voice search over the next coming months, but there are still some conspicuous omissions. The main one among these would be Netflix, the other well known streaming services.

More Updates.

Further updates making an arrival some time later include Amazon FreeTime and Amazon Mp3, which will be included as a OTA update, and a new prime browser view that will make it much easier to find free content for Prime subscribers. At the moment, the Fire TV UI will make searching for this titles a little more problematic then it has to be.

New application and service have also been included. Amazon mention Telltale Game, Halfbrick, Disney Interactive, Halfbrick, Minority Media, Paradox Interactive, Gaiam, AllRecipe, and Twitch as all working on Fire TV compatible application and many more games to come.

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