Amazon Will Release Its Own Smartphone Brand Within September.


Amazon Will Release Its Own Smartphone Brand Within September.

Amazon seems to be making another bid that usually beyond from their retailing roots, with recently plans to release a smartphone sometime during September, according to The Wall Street Journal on Friday.

These long-rumored devices will throw Amazon into the highly competitive world that surrounds the smartphone market and is currently dominated by giants like Apple and Samsung. The company will introduce the new phone within June, and it would begin shipping during the Fall, unnamed sources had went on to tell the Journal.

Amazon has not been able to be reached at the moment for confirmation on these rumors.

3D Tech and Kindle.

The same sources had went on to say that the phone would being standing out from the regular crowded market by including 3D technology within the mobile devices.

Reports of an Amazon-branded smartphone have been spreading around the rumor mill for quite sometime now, with the expectation that the phone would be running on a Android operating system that currently runs on Amazon’s Kindle Fire Tablets. The Kindle Fire, which released into the market with a grand slams thanks to its very low price tag of #200, was seems as a possible competitor for Apple’s popular iPad brand. While it may not come close to conquering the tablet market, Amazon has continued to invest within hardware outside of its e-book readers.


While Amazon has not disclosed on how many Kindle unites have been sold, the company has continued to make the devices, including several iterations of the tablet, and the recently announced video streaming Fire TV along with an accompanying gaming controller. All the devices have been meant to grab hold of their customers into consuming content, like video, e-books, and games, through an Amazon gate.

Furthermore, with its creation on hardware, Amazon has tried to allure developers towards its application store which has increased into 200,000 applications, while its nowhere near Apple’s own 1 million application, Amazon still continues to attract developers to their side.


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