Ancestry App For Discovering Your Roots.


Ancestry App For Discovering Your Roots.

Need a way to look up your family linage and have no way of knowing where to start? Why not give up this well-regarded application for your iOS and Android device. had recently launched and app that will easily help you locate when and where your family came from.

The application is very simple and easy to use, constructing your family tree is smoothly done by yourself, by entering information you already have on your family records or online databases. Building the tree starts with your own personal entry. You can type in your name, date, and place of birth. Ancestry can also pull up your information from Facebook if given permission to do so.

Once the basic information is in place, you enter information of your parents, grandparents, and so on. As you do this the app will construct a tree. Entries can be edited at any time and adding any other information such as siblings or children, weddings, deaths, and so on. The application with contrast the info that been entered with online databases of genealogical information. If they app believe its found a match from your entry tree to a historical information found somewhere else. it will send you an alert with a hint on its founding.

You can also cross reference the information that has been discovered to see if it fits in your family tree, if it does not then you can simply dismiss.

Ancestry is currently free for both iOS and Android platform devices, and can also be used to run its features similarly to website.


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