Android Dominates iOS In Global Tablet Sales.


Android Dominates iOS In Global Tablet Sales.

A recent release of statistics by Gartner has shown that global sales for tablets that have the Android OS have become the superior platform. The market share of the platform soared to 61.9% globally during 2013, higher from its 45.8% in 2012. While sale have risen higher for all platforms, the iOS took an unfortunate plunge in market share.

The Decrease in Marketshares.

Although even with its recent decrease, Apple is still moving along strongly. Sells of about 61.5 million for tablets in 2012 and 70,4 million in 2013. Sales have been pretty solid for them and have shown a positively healthy growth. Even so, the iOS has till fallen way behind in market share, with estimated amount of 80 million unit increase in overall sales across platforms, Apple market share took a deep dive of 36% from its previous 52.8 % in 2012



Cautioned by Robert Cozza

While Android has gained some impressive numbers, Robert Cozza, Research Director for Gartner, has giving warning against the “race to the bottom” approach that has driving this massive scale. “As the Android tablet market becomes highly commoditized in 2014, it will be critical for vendors to focus on device experience and meaningful technology and ecosystem value — beyond just hardware and cost — to ensure brand loyalty and improved margins” he said. People should remember that Apple has been behind the creation of two tablets, while Android has a extensive list of tablets that have contributed to their success.

The Overall positives.

Currently Apple sill remains the largest OEM. 36% of their own market share still puts them ahead of companies like Samsungs own 19.1% and is far batter off then everyone else. Although when it comes to mobile devices, the true game ending isnt the amount of hardware, but who rules over ecosystem itself. Android has as of recently picked up far more customers than Apple has managed to, even so, everyone is still currently winning at the moment. Although once tension start to increase again and the fight intensify’s that when everything will get really interesting.


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