angelMD Acquires Investment Matchmaking Software Startup IncLinx.


angelMD Acquires Investment Matchmaking Software Startup IncLinx.

The investment marketplace that connects physician investor and leading medical startups, angelMD has recently announced that it has manage to acquire IncLinx, a software company that developing technology to create matches between investor and investment opportunities.


New York City-based IncLinx, and created by Tel Aviv, Brian P. Jacob, MD was internationally recognized hernia surgeon and entrepreneur, along with Mr.Swiel, a corporate and commercial attorney with an extensive involvement within the Israeli startup marketplace. Dr. Jacob and Mr. Swiel, along with some assistance from Agiletree, a software development company, create a technology that will foster matches between potential investors an companies who are seeking investment based on a lucrative and growing set of criteria.


Dr. Jacob shall be joining up with angelMD as the Regional Medical Director within New York, while Mr. Swiel will serve as the Senior Adviser for the team that works on the Israeli market.

“We wanted to bring IncLinx in-house to incorporate the technology developed and the talent behind it,” said Tobin Arthur, CEO of angelMD. “The signal to noise ratio for investors is becoming more and more challenging. Brian and Mor understand that identifying appropriate investments is more than just a simple filtering function. We look forward to offering an increasingly rich experience for the physician investors on angelMD.”

“Building IncLinx has given us immense insight into the process by which investors connect with opportunities,” said Brian P. Jacob, MD, Founder of IncLinx. “angelMD’s focus on physicians and the healthcare sector is visionary. We are excited to join this outstanding team as they work to provide an unprecedented environment for making and managing investments. We are further excited to leverage our technology to augment the growing angelMD marketplace where physicians not only connect with investment opportunities, but also to advisory panels, clinical trials, and more to come over time.”

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