Announcing MailDeck 2.0 for iPhone, The Future of Email Has Arrived.


Announcing MailDeck 2.0 for iPhone, The Future of Email Has Arrived.

MailDeck, empowering consumers and business users to reclaim their lives through intelligent and approachable email communication, today announced the availability of MailDeck 2.0 — now with support for iPhone. Designed specifically to transform volumes of tedious emails into conversations, MailDeck is a simple-to-use yet systematic email application that eliminates the pain and hassle of email through coherent communication that’s as seamless and natural as communicating in-person. MailDeck’s forward-thinking approach to email leverages an attractive and intuitive interface with a feature set focused on efficiency, productivity, security and dare we say enjoyment.


MailDeck 2.0 is now available free-of-charge on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 6.0 and beyond. This powerful and elegant new app introduces a simple, yet unique approach to email with support for all IMAP email accounts including Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL,, as well as Microsoft Exchange accounts, and much more.

“Email is almost 30 years old and while the ways in which we communicate are constantly evolving, email applications frankly haven’t kept pace,” said Jack Freeman, co-founder and CTO of MailDeck. “With MailDeck, we’ve taken the leap to an anticipated approach to email that not only maximizes productivity, efficiency and organization, but also enhances communication and helps transform email messages into conversations — addressing the pain of overflowing inboxes and making email fun again.”


MailDeck’s suite of standout, user-friendly benefits and features for transparent email include:

  • Security – MailDeck encrypts attachments and emails with 256-bit AES encryption and allows for multiple users with optional passcode protection. MailDeck does not hold, replicate or route emails through its servers.
  • Search – MailDeck allows users to apply multiple unique filters to quickly narrow down search results.
  • Attachments – MailDeck breaks out all attachments and enables users to quickly filter by account or search file names, allowing users to easily attach any file ever sent or received.
  • Conversations – With a single tap users can view all contacts, files, tasks and related messages on one single screen. With built-in technology to view conversation links for a person, a file, a task or a message, users can quickly navigate through connected items and conversations.
  • Accessibility – MailDeck allows for use through a variety of ways to view all email via iPad and iPhone.

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