‘Anonymous Login’ and ‘Audience Network’ Announced By Facebook.


‘Anonymous Login’ and ‘Audience Network’ Announced By Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg, the Chief of Facebook, had announced on Wednesday during the companies f8 developers conference in San Francisco that member will soon be able to log on to third-party applications anonymously, meaning that people will still be able to log onto Facebook but can choose to keep their identities private while browsing.


The company also used this keynote to address the audience about “Audience Network” Facebook’s awaiting mobile advertising network, currently open for registration.

“Anonymous Login” is a feature for people to try an application without having to share any of their persona information from the social network, Zuckerberg stated,”Today, we want to do more to put control and power back into people’s hands.”

log in anonymously facebook button

The button, which is black instead of usual Facebook’s iconic blue, is mean to give members a simpler way of logging on to application without the need of a username or password, but so minus the sometimes nerve wrecking commitment of giving out ones own personal data to an untrusted source.

At the current moment, the company is only testing the new login option with a selected developers like Flipboard, which means they will most likely not see the black buttton on any other application for several months.


The news comes alongside with one of the event’s themes on placing people first and giving members more control over their data. Zuckerberg further explained upon the notion of increasing trust and making people more comfortable with using Facebook in along with third-party applications.

In the same vein, the social network has remade the standard Facebook Login option so that people can pick and choose, on a line by line basis, what information they share with the applications they use.

Facebook is also working to build trust with developers, and Zuckerberg made a number of commitments to this group around the stability of creating apps for social network’s platform.

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