App Makes Kids Proud to be a “Goodie Goodie” & Accomplish More Work.


App Makes Kids Proud to be a “Goodie Goodie” & Accomplish More Work.

Goodie Goodie, a phrase once used to ridicule rule followers, is taking on a new meaning in the digital age. Goodie Goodie App is boosting the self-esteem of teens, tweens, and kids all over the country by giving them a sense of accomplishment for being contributing members of their households and communities, and for striving to improve themselves, and parents couldn’t be happier. Sure, Goodie Goodie is easy to use and powerful solely as a chore app for managing traditional chores – but the real benefits are far more reaching than just alleviating tensions over clean rooms and made beds. Kids are developing a sense of pride in seeing how effort over time can add up to meaningful rewards.

Goodie Goodie.

Goodie Goodie has coined its assignments “G Missions,” giving parents and caretakers the flexibility to create meaningful tasks and goals that encourage character building and interpersonal development like helping a friend or managing behavior. Each time a G Mission is completed and approved, kids earn points, represented by virtual candies that fall into their “Goodie Bag.” Once enough points are saved up, kids can redeem them for parent-created rewards like rocking out at the next Katy Perry concert, or for eGift cards to their favorite brands like Target and AMC Theaters. The goodie goodier can even donate to charity. Goodie Goodie can be used to replace allowance or in tandem to track allowance.

Goodie Goodie is now available for download on iOS and Android, and the versions are compatible for the mixed-device household. The app currently offers over 45 of today’s top brands as reward options, and the eGift cards are delivered instantly in-app and redeemable in-store or online. Developed by chemist and mother of three, Elanna Lozow, experts in kids’ entertainment, Arthur Gradstein (writer/producer “iCarly”) and Shayna Rose (original “Marina” from “The Fresh Beat Band”), and organization expert, author and founder of the O.C.D. Experience, Justin Klosky, the family-friendly app is rewarding and exciting for kids, and quick and intuitive for parents and caretakers.

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