In-App Purchase Now Requires Password On Google Play Store.


In-App Purchase Now Requires Password On Google Play Store.

Sources have been recently reporting that Google has decided to roll out a update for the Play store which will add the options to activate a password-protection for each purchase done in the store. Google had done this days after a women had filed a lawsuit against the company over a accidental buys worth of $66 in Android application.

Enabling Password Protection.

Enabling the password protection will prompt the user into putting the password in for every purchase the user makes in the Play store, whether its for an application or within the application.

At the moment, the system only requires the password to be entered if it detects a delay of more than half and hour between the users current buy and their last purchase. This update is currently out for all Android users. The password protection is somewhat reminiscent to that of the iOS stores purchasing mechanism for iPads and iPhones

Once updated, the Play store will show three available option with regard to the password setting. First of all enabling the password protects for every purchase, secondly is for a 30 minute duration cap, and finally simply disable password.

Features and Lawsuits.

The play store also has several distinctive features such as “batch install”. this can be really useful for those who wish to change to another newer Android phone. By selecting to go on “My Apps” in the store, selecting from the list of multiple apps and install. Every single chosen application will be installed in one go, instead of having to do them at a single time.

This recent uptake happened due to Google having a lawsuit filed in California when a five-year-old son of a women had accidentally bought in-game item a game app called Run Jump Smash. Similar grounds had happened to Apple earlier. The company had to dish out 37.5 million- $5 million for the case settlement and another $32.5 million in fines.


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