App Startup Trailerpop Raises $750,000 In Financial Round.


App Startup Trailerpop Raises $750,000 In Financial Round.

A startup whose application combines trailers and trivia games about various movies with social media, named Trailerpop, announced that they recently secured $750,000 of financial funding round form investors that include Manatt Digital Media Ventures and WME.

First Round.

Trailerpop used its first round of funding to launch its original application in March 2013. The application is currently available for both the Android and iOS devices, the application gives out curated channels filled with more than 20,000 film trailers with trivia games, along with a fun competitions and rewards. This application is also linked to digital movie streams and electronic services for purchasing or watching titles, which include Hulu, Google Play, Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, as well as being able to purchase through Comcast’s Fandango.

Trailerpop is in the processing of securing a larger round of funding and plants to continue expand its version app for connection to TV and gaming console platforms, as well as expanding worldwide, Jon Vlassopulous, Found and CEO of Trailerpop, said. The second version of Trailerpop will add the ability for users to catalog their movies and televisions shows, as well as enabling between users with the same taste, in a similar manner to Tinder.

“You are what you watch,” said Vlassopulos, a media and technology exec who previously worked for Endemol, AT&T Wireless and Bertelsmann. “We feel there’s an opportunity to build a community around your TV and entertainment options.”


Trailerpop’s angel round funding was led by talent agency William Morris Endeavor, Structure VC, WSGR, Great Oaks Ventures, and Manatt Digital Media Ventures.

The startup’s long list of individual investors include: Liz Schimel, president of Condé Nast China and former SVP of entertainment at Comcast; Olivier Gers, global president of Starcom Mediavest Group’s Liquid Thread and former CEO of Endemol Brands; Alain Mutricy, former SVP at Motorola; Telescope CEO Jason George; Rdio vice chairman Drew Larner; Xerces Mullan, CEO of Indian media company Xerces; Pixable COO Andy Volanakis; former Comscore EVP of international Wolfgang Allisat; Michael Sharon, mobile product lead at Facebook; Nicklas Jonsson, CEO of Bsafe; Prashant Bhatia, former head of strategy at Microsoft Game Studios; and MirriAd COO Ted Mico.

Trailerpop’s application currently has over more than 425,000 registered users, with the San Francisco-based firm only containing over seven employees.

“Trailerpop has done a fantastic job building a fast growing, highly engaged, global entertainment community from scratch,” Condé Nast’s Schimel said in a statement. “Our love of movies and TV are part of our collective DNA and should provide a perfect context for connecting like-minded people.”

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