AppAudience Mobile Targeting Data Layer Announces Strategic Alliances.


AppAudience Mobile Targeting Data Layer Announces Strategic Alliances.

AppAudience, the leading mobile audience data layer leveraged by advertisers to increase addressable inventory, improve efficiency, generate significant performance lift in a privacy friendly manner, today announced its initial partners – Nexage Connect, Inneractive, AerServ, Motrixi Media Group, and Matomy and its technology provider AppNexus.


AppAudience’s proprietary data layer enriches mobile bid requests and ad requests in real-time, providing marketers the ability to have audience insights on 100% of the mobile inventory seen through DSPs, SSPs, Mobile Ad Networks, and Exchanges. The integrations with initial partners provide an advanced advertising solution enabling the delivery of targeted advertisements and serving of dynamic creative for in-app, mobile inventory.

“Nexage Connect creates a step function improvement in audience targeting and cross-channel retargeting in mobile advertising – as mobile advertising becomes the dominant digital media,” said Ray Colwell, SVP Global Business Development at Nexage. “AppAudience further enhances our capability, enriching 100% of our premium audience. This has the dual impact of dramatically improving campaign performance while enhancing our publisher’s CPM and revenue performance.”

“Despite mobile’s rapid growth, the market won’t achieve its full potential until it embraces demographic and behavioral targeting. We are excited to partner with AppAudience to improve the targetability of our publisher’s inventory, with the goal of delivering more relevant mobile experiences for advertisers and consumers, and ultimately optimized value for our publishers,” says Josh Speyer, CEO of AerServ.


There is a proliferation of innovation in mobile, with data providers focusing on historical usage and performance data to build profiles based on device IDs. Unfortunately, the average buy-side platform sees a mere 20% (or less) match rate when targeting a campaign from a device ID pool – leaving 80% or more of an advertisers addressable audience behind.

“Matomy is excited to access AppAudience data through the AppNexus platform,” said Erez Gross, senior vice president of mobile advertising at MATOMY, a global performance marketing company. “AppAudience offers the unique ability to access audience demographics data, brand safety ratings, point of interest data, census and economic information, and weather insights, all bundled as a single, privacy-friendly data source with a simple model that not only backs out, but performs.”

“AppAudience data helps us expand our brand-focused solution set such as location-based and weather triggers, while also increasing biddable inventory that is essential for campaign optimization,” said David Meier, COO of Motrixi Media Group. “We look forward to the partnership with the AppAudience team.”

“We all know that mobile is rapidly becoming the first channel for marketers, but without data, campaigns will fall short and inventory will remain undervalued. Partnering with market leaders to distribute the AppAudience data layer will enable buyers to bid more intelligently, supply partners to distribute enriched inventory, and ad networks to improve efficiency,” said Keith Petri, SVP Strategic Partnerships for AppAudience.

“Licensing our proprietary data allows us to provide customers across all buyers in the mobile advertising technology space the full power of Human Demand’s audience data,” shared Howie Schwartz, CEO & Founder of Human Demand. “The success of our clients using AppAudience data today through our mobile DSP, Human Demand, has been tremendous, and we are excited to expand the availability of this data layer throughout the mobile ad ecosystem.”

“By now everyone knows that mobile advertising allows brands to target physical intent – just like Search did to online advertising. Combining mobile audience and location data allows brands using AppAudience to target real intent as well as a high index overlap to their targeting requirements. AppAudience will bring a huge added value to any DSP and Ad Network integrated with Inneractive,” stated Maor Sadra, VP Advertiser Relations & Monetization.

AppAudience data not only performs but makes financial sense for both brand focused and direct response campaigns by being priced at $0.12 per CPM and providing 100% coverage of mobile ad requests – compared with data fees ranging from $0.80 to $2.00 CPM from competitive datasets that typically cover less then 20% of mobile ad requests.


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