Appiness Increase The Downloads of Apps by providing positive reviews.


Appiness Increase The Downloads of Apps by providing positive reviews.

A subsidiary of UBMM Holdings LLC,, has recently launched a new online app review service allowing mobile app developers and publishers to gain increased exposure. The SaaS platform aims to resolve the pressing problem many App makers are facing: the lack of downloads and reviews.

“App publishers today risk getting drowned out in the noise,” said Chris du Toit, founder of “To increase chances of success, Apps need to sustain a certain velocity of downloads, and that is exactly what we do.”


According to du Toit, as explosive mobile use continues, literally thousands of new applications are released being created and released, making it increasingly difficult for an application developer to get their application noticed. Given the stiff competition, many application publishers are unable to efficiently get the word out on their new product. Not all developers have the financial resources to engage in expensive traditional advertising either, resulting in innovative applications getting less exposure than it deserves.

Statistics show that most application users will first look at the reviews received before even reading the application description. By ensuring that Apps have reviews, also increases App adoption.

“It’s not just about downloads, it’s also about reviews. All of us as purchasers or consumers want to make sure we’re spending our time or money on an App that’s worth it,” said du Toit.

Standing Out.

In addressing the issue, Appiness will make sure an application stands out from the rest with honest, real and detailed reviews. The online app marketing service brings the audience to the application by providing an exchange that links publishers with reviewers. It engages real people to do real reviews as avid smartphone users who enjoy discovering new apps.

The unique exchange ensures App publishers get maximum exposure and enhance their chance for success. Reviewers, too, get rewarded for doing what they love – discovering new apps and offering their honest opinion at every review.

To find out more about increasing an Apps visibility via real downloads and reviews, please visit for information on the newest service from Appiness.

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