Apple App Store Allows the Submission Bitcoin App Once Again With Coin Pocket.


Apple App Store Allows the Submission Bitcoin App Once Again With Coin Pocket.

After the follow up on Apple’s decision to update it’s App Store guideline to allow for transaction of “approved” crytocurrencies. a new bitcoin wallet application has been recently launched by the name of Coin Pocket to allow iOS users send and receive cryptocurrency.

The application is available for download current from the App Store and can be used by Both iPhone and iPad users.

Bitcoin wallet.

There have previously been bitcoin wallet application available on the App store, such as Coinbase and Blockchain, but these were removed by Apple as the tech giant worked out on how to deal with the increasing interest in these cryptocurrencies.

Only a couple of weeks ago, Apple updates its App Store Review Guidelines to allow for transaction of “approved” cryptocurrencies:

“Apps may facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the app functions.”

 Making good on its promise, Apple has recently release Coin Pocket with the feature set of the new application being similar to those available previously through Coinbase and Blockchain.

Coin Pocket.

Coin Pocket offers simple send and receive functions as well as getting live bitcoin prices from three different sources. It also offers a nice function where you can quickly add bitcoin funds from other wallets into your Coin Pocket wallet.

Following Apple’s update to its App Store guidelines the manuver to get fully-featured applications submitted and approved will be on, with Coin Pocket’s developers wanting to win the race to be first by essentially releasing a wrapper a previously available HTML5 version of Coin Pocket.

Coin Pocket is not the only application to appear in the App Store with support for bitcoin. The eGifter application has been updated (version 3.1) to accept bitcoins. eGifter allows people shop for gift cards, and lets users choose from more than 200 gift card brands.

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