Apple Considering An iTunes App for Android Users.


Apple Considering An iTunes App for Android Users.

According to various unnamed sources, Apple is allegedly think about launching its own music subscription services, similar to that of spotify, Rdio, Beats competitor that would in theory, allow user to pull up any music that hosted on the iTunes Store for an aggressive, monthly rate.

This is somewhat quite difference then Apples current iTunes Radio, which is an ad-supported streaming service that gives it users barely any control over the songs they have interest in listening too. Its currently unclear if the music service will continue to exist as a standalone application or will in integrated into Apples Music app itself. The alleged music application is currently in its early stages.

Lack of Digital Sales

Digital albums have been lacking sales in the U.S and are reported down by 13 percent currently, says a report from Neilsen SoundScan. To compare, streaming service like Pandora, Sportify,  and other similar to it have managed to make over $1.4 billion in revenues last year, which is a huge increase from its 39 percent 2012’s figure.

“Even accounting for the difficult situation in Japan, the global recording industry is in a positive phase of its development,” said IFPI CEO Frances Moore in a statement. “Revenues in most major markets have returned to growth. Streaming and subscription services are thriving. Consumers have a wider choice than ever before between different models and services. And digital music is moving into a clearly identifiable new phase as record companies, having licensed services across the world, now start to tap the enormous potential of emerging markets.”

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Future Prospects.

Moving into the music streaming biz isn’t the only possible music trend change that going on at Apple, however. The company has also reportedly been considering moving iTunes Radio into its own standalone application, and something quite surprising, a possible creation of iTunes app for Android device. Steve Jobs was notorious for being against wanting to to make Android users happy, by setting up iTunes on that platform, luckily, CEO Tim Cooks appears much more open to the idea.

“We have no religious issue with doing that. If we thought it made sense for us to do that, we would do that,” Cook said last year, responding to a question about whether Apple would consider making apps for Android.


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