Apple Raises Regional App Store Prices to Adjust For Exchange Rates.


Apple Raises Regional App Store Prices to Adjust For Exchange Rates.

Apple has recently announced that it would be increasing the price for its Apps Store for Australia and several other regions within the next 24 hours. This message had bee found out by application developers on April 1st and was originally posted by MacRumours.

The Message.

According to the message that was sent to the developers notifying them of this recent development, App Store retail price will be increased in a number of markets, which include Australia, India, Turkey, Indonesia, and South America in order to account for the changes in foreign exchange rates.

The massage had also indicated that apple will be lowering the price of the App Store for Israel and other selected price tier in the New Zealand market. The email had also included a comment by apple saying that the price adjustment on the App Store are made regularly due to the changes in foreign exchange rates.

During the past year, the Australian doller has managed to become worth more than US$1.00 to less than US$0.90, as of April 1 it has become worth US$0.93.

While apple has not indicated how much the prices will change or affect the regions App Store, Develops have been told that the new pricing will be made available to them on the developers pricing matrix within the next 24 hours.

Previous Adjustments.

This wouldn’t bee the first time apple had adjusted the prices for Apps in response to foreign exchange instability, During the middle of 2011 they had reduced the App Store prices in several markets that included Australia and Japan.

During the beginning of the year the company had reported a decline in profit after a tax was passed in Australia to AU$58.4 million, down from their previous year’s AU$95.4 million. This was despite recording a 22.9 percent boos in revenue during 2012 financial year ending during September 2012 to AU$ 5.9 billion.

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