Apple Revs Up Their Engine With Their New CarPlay System.


Apple Revs Up Their Engine With Their New CarPlay System.

Apple has recently announced that it shall be bringing its mobile operating system to automobiles sometime this year with their new CarPlay system, which allows it to link to iPhones with the vehicle in-dash display. This will allow the driver to access map application on the phone as well as their music and messages.

CarPlay Confirmed Vehicle.

The company that they have vehicles lined up to demonstrate the new technology during the week Geneva Auto show, those cars shall be, Volvo, Ferrari, and the Mercedes-Benz. Apple expects about a dozen more major car manufacturers to accept the system into their automobiles in the near future.

Apple has also mentioned that it will become available for certain European cars later in the year from as well as the Hyundai, Jaguar and Honda.

Carplay Requirement and Usefulness.

CarPlay will require a system update for the current iOS 7 system and can only work with iPhone 5S, 5C, and 5. These will be the only phones that can be activated by using the push-and holf- button that will be placed on the steering wheel, Apple commented. CarPlay will also be taking advantage of the iPhone voice-activated digital assistant Siri, which will respond to any request through the use of voice commands. It will read out the drivers message aloud and also dictate any reply or call the driver wishes.

The Escalating Competition.

With These goals in mind by Apple, this should lead towards and even intensifying battle between Google’s Android operating system, on who shall come out as top dog in controlling digitized cars in the near future. With millions of cars and vehicles being sold every year, the auto industry represent a whole new opportunity for both companies to spread their internet based software and services.


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