Apple Spotlights Selfie Category Section on The App Store.


Apple Spotlights Selfie Category Section on The App Store.

Selfie have become and amazing phenomenon as of late and have started to become a common staple among images found online. With them Comprising vast quantities of Instagram and other abundant of social photography websites, with make a large splash of Facebook and Twitter feeds, among the few online locations. The word selfie has become so popular and part of a every day vocabulary but has managed to get its own slot in the dictionary and was named word of the year back in 2013. And as of now, has managed to earn its own section in the App Store.

Selfie are images that are meant to be shared, otherwise there would be no point in taking said pictures. They are commonly shared among various social networks, but also some services specifically on sharing selfies with others like Snapchat, for example.

Selfie Category.

Those who are lucky enough to be on iPhones well be able to easily find selfie-sharing apps, thanks to Apple creating seflies their very own App Store category, which has been dubbed “Sharing Selfies”. Plenty of features can be found in this sections such as, Frontback, Selfie came, Everyday and much more. Some of those apps are free, while others aren’t, and it currently holds dozens of apps in total.

Case Study.

With this up surge of selfie-obssesion, a recent case study looked at mass quantities of images tagged as such on Instagram and broke them down by data. With this acquired information, Selfiecity, an interactive website was created to allow anyone curious enough to see the trends and statistics across many cities of this earth.



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