Apple Tries To Reach Out Towards All the Tweens On Tumblr.


Apple Tries To Reach Out Towards All the Tweens On Tumblr.

It seems that Apple has decided to tackle one of the most tween-infested sites on the internet, Tumblr, with a recent creation of a page on their account that has highlighted the company’s iPhone 5c.

The Tumblr Page.

The page shows off not only the iPhone itself, but several short videos with particular themes for specifically chosen colors. The videos themselves are smooth and sleek with its fifteen second long duration. Quick and simple, a typical marketing that Apple has been accustomed of using with its minimalism style with pretty much all of their ads. The video displays the device with a catchy tune with added words and phrase.

One example of these videos shows off the traditional colors that make up the Brazilian flag with its combination of yellow device and green case that is combined with a upbeat Brazilian themed music named “Viva o Carnaval”. The other videos have also been created in a similar fashion with the iPhone 5c infamous case making an appearance, followed by a display of combinations with the iPhone 5c itself.

Appealing To The Youth.

While Apple itself has not announced a campaign beginning on Tumblr, users have spoken of spotting the “Isee5c” pages in other sponsored posts. The campaign seems to have been setup by a company known as Media Arts Lab or MAL. Which is connected to name of Apples ad agency located in the Los Angeles Area. Irregardless of who’s idea it was behind the creation of this page going live, it still makes it seem like Apple is trying to reach the youth that make up Tumblr to gather interest with the new iPhone 5c, which as of recently Apple has admitted to its selling below their expectations.



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