Apple’s Exciting iOS 7.1 Release Fixes Bugs and Adds Carplay.


Apple’s Exciting iOS 7.1 Release Fixes Bugs and Adds Carplay.

Apple has finally released the iOS 7.1, one of the biggest update to hit the iOS 7 since the mobile OS was first released back in September. The update includes support for CarPlay, fixes the random reboots many users have been experiencing, and other additional changes like performance improvements and UI tweaks.

Carplays Introduction.

Apple introduced CarPlay for the very first time during the previous year at WWDC under the name “iOS in the Car”. Now that its finally out, it will allow anyone to connect their iPhone to a CarPlay equipped vehicle to get an iOS experience designed for the car. This will allow drivers to make and answer calls, use Maps, Messages, Music and other third-party related apps. It can be voice controlled with the use of Siri, and through the car’s touch display and controls.


ios 7.1 changes

Phone Tweaks.

Apple has also managed to fix the bug that caused many devices running on iOS 7  to reboot out of nowhere from the home screen. Other improvements include a better Touch ID finger print recognition, and a overall performance boost for the iPhone 4.

Some noticeable visual changes have been made as well. The phone dialer, power off, and incoming call screen has been tweaked. The dialer and power screen have new rounded UI elements and incoming call interface features accept and decline buttons. Delete and shift keys on the keyboard are much more easier to see as well.

iTunes Radio can now search within featured station to easily create station based on either a song or artist users enjoy. Albums can be bought with the tap of the Now Playing button. This will also mark the first time users can subscribe to iTunes Match directly from the device rather then using iTunes on desktop.

Siri also received some tweaking. It can now be manually controlled on how long Siri listens by holding the home button down while the user speak and releases once they’re done, rather then Siri automatically determining the order. All new voices and a number of languages have been added as well.

These are just a few changes that come alongside the update. A full list can be viewed in the change log before installation.



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