Appsfire Launches ‘Brichter-San’, A Pull-To-Refresh Ad Software.


Appsfire Launches ‘Brichter-San’, A Pull-To-Refresh Ad Software.

It’s a really likely a common thing to do for most of those familiar with phone habits in this day and age, drag the thumb down the screen, watch the little grey circle spin, and see if any content has been recently updated. This feature, which has been dubbed the “pull-to-refresh”, creates a very common empty space in mobile emails. social med and a large assortment of applications.

As of Recently. A startup wants to take advantage of it and stick an ad into it.


A Paris-based mobile ad network has recently launched a software program that creates a customized in-app advertisement inside the small space opened during refreshes, by the name of ‘Brichter-San’. With a single tap, the ad disappears. The tool was named after the pull-to-refresh technology creator, Loren Bricther. Tweetie, which was a company he previously owned and has been acquired by Twitter, which currently owns the patent for this feature.

Appsfore was first creating during 2009 as an application discovery platform, but swiveled to become a network during December. This new ad feature has become available for demon on its application, Newfire. As of recently. developers can download the company’s software development kit in order to exploit this advertising feature. Appsfire has been trying to capitalize on the booming in-app advertisement, a business that seen new products from Twitter and Google during the past couple of weeks.


The pull-to-refresh advertisements will b sold on CPC/CPM basais, according to Appsfire CEO Ouriel Ohayon. The units will be sold sometime soon in a real-time bidding platform, he further elaborated. Appsfire stated that it works with over 500 customers, including Disney, Amazon and eBay.

In a video introducing the pull-to-refresh feature, Appsfire boasts to “kill the banner.” Whether their innovation can replace the reviled ad unit awaits an update.

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