Appurify Is Offering Their Free Mobile Tools For FBStart Developers.


Appurify Is Offering Their Free Mobile Tools For FBStart Developers.

Facebook has recently chose Appurify as part of its new FbStart program, which provides developers with free tools and service to help develop and grow their applications.


FBstartup was announced during April 30th during f8. For companies to be accepted into FbStart, Appurify is providing developers with six months worth of free access for its cloud testing platform, AMP Auto. AMP Auto is built on the world’rs most advanced mobile device cloud, offering access towards hundreds of real iOS and Android devices for performance and quality testing.

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By utilizing Appurify’s simple to use dashboard, develops will be able to upload a build of their application and run test on real devices using the Appurify Robot, an automatic application crawler that stress test their apps to find performance and stability issues. Test outputs are displayed on the dash with full video,cpu/memory usage, network traffic, and crash logs to help debug issues and improve performance.

Appurify shall also be offering its network condition tool, which can be used to test out various carriers and signal strength condition so developers may receive a better idea on how their app workers under real user conditions.


Furthermore, developers will also receive AMP Manual, Appurify’s unique on-device application that can be used for Local QA. AMP Manual runs in the background during a QA session, gathering advanced datat that shall help in the debugging process and issue resolutions for engineers.

“We’re excited to be a part of FbStart, giving free testing tools to developers and entrepreneurs to help their apps succeed,” said Manish Lachwani, CTO and co-founder of Appurify. “App development is hard and pre-launch testing is becoming increasingly important – releasing a buggy app to market results in a poor user experience and a potential hit to revenue, so developers need to make sure their app is of the highest quality before releasing to market.”

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