Arlington-based Analytics Startup Launched by Aneesh Chopra.


Arlington-based Analytics Startup Launched by Aneesh Chopra.

The nations first chief technology officer named Aneesh Chopra, has recently co-founded an Arlignton-based data and analytics company. Named Hunch Analytics, the company had been found last October, crunches both public and private data to help executives and industry leaders in education, energy, and healthcare make smarter business decisions, according to the information found on the startups Web site.

“Our proprietary algorithms and decision-engines are built by mashing up public and private databases to help organizations optimize productivity and profitability,” the site states.

At the moment, any details about the company are really scarce beside what’s stated on its web page and social networks. Chopra has decline several reported, replaying by saying that Hunch Analytics is still currently in “stealth mode”.

Brief History.

Chopra is most likely to be better known for as President Obama’s choice to serve as the nations first chief of technology officer. From May 2009 to February 2012, Chopra was in charge of the White House initiatives designed to improve the government’s policies on issues such as access to government data and broadband internet.

Chopra stepped down sometime later and ran for lieutenant governor for Virginia, the state in which he had previously served as a secretary of technology under the Governor. Tim Kaine. Unfortunately he lose the Democratic primary to Ralph Northam. Although this wouldn’t be Chopras first private-sector foray. He previously served for a couple of years as managing director of District-based Advisory Board and returned as a senior adviser in 2012.

Former managing director at Reston-based Calarview, Dan Ross, has also been listed as a co-founder and executive vice president of Hunch Analytics, according to his LinkedIn. Ross’s profile also has him down as president of Equate analytics, a data driven marketing firm that was created something time around Hunch Analytics own creation.

Opening Positions.

The firm is currently in the process of hiring people. Openings for technical positions such as web traffic analyst, software engineer and quantitative data analyst, are all posted on their website.

“Our business is driven by a culture of creativity, metrics and automation. We seek team members who value independent thinking and are willing to take risks and make decisions quickly, measure the results of their decisions religiously and act on those results decisively,” the Web site states.

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