Aroma Fresh Launches Amazing E-commerce Website.


Aroma Fresh Launches Amazing E-commerce Website 

As of recently, this company’s eco-friendly air fresheners and order neutralizers can no be purchased online at their main website. This has been marked down as the very first time these products have become available online. The company offers a variety of different products, all of which have been guaranteed to be 100% environmentally friendly.

Aroma Fresh Inc


The products offered by Aroma Fresh are simplified into several categories. The first thing many new customers will need to purchase is a dispenser. The innovative Aroma Premium devices appear to be small, decorative items placed anywhere in a room.

Each runs on a set of batteries and dispenses fresh scent every so often. Users can change the timer to release scent more often if needed (such as in a room with a pet’s litter box). A light sensor is also incorporated into each device and can be used to save on scent when the room is not in use.

Dispenser “Aroma Diamond"

This is an especially nice feature for those who will be using Aroma Fresh products in an office that is closed at night and on the weekends.

Customers will find the company’s powerful air fresheners to be a delight. These ecological fragrances are best suited for areas of about 300 square feet or less. Each comes in a small canister that can last up to 60 days (3,750 sprays) depending on what setting is used on the dispenser.

The company offers a variety of different scents that can be purchased singly or in a three pack. As a special offer in conjunction with the launching of their e-commerce site, Aroma Fresh is offering a free Aroma Fresh air freshener to anyone who purchases five and a three-pack of air fresheners to those who purchase ten or more.


Aroma Fresh also announced that their e-commerce store will carry a selection of their ecological odor neutralizer called Mio Professional. Mio Professional comes in a squirt bottle that sprays fragrances that neutralize bad odors, smell pleasant, protect against future smells, and disinfect.

These perfumers can be used on fabrics, surfaces, and clothing. The scent lasts for up to 24 hours. As with the air fresheners, Aroma Fresh is offering a special deal on Mio Professional: buy six at regular price, get one free.

Aroma Fresh also has a number of special combos that can be purchased online. Like the deals, these combos are a great way for customers to save money while stocking up on products. These deals include a dispenser plus six air fresheners, a value pack of all of the products Aroma Fresh offers, and more. Aroma Fresh also offers a monthly service plan for those businesses and individuals who need at least ten dispensers.

Aroma Fresh Inc

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