Atvenu Raises $1.1Million in Seed Round Funding Led By Real Ventures


Atvenu Raises $1.1Million in Seed Round Funding Led By Real Ventures

Atvenu, a San Francisco based music startup just raised 1.1 million in seed round funding led by Real Ventures. Atvenu is a merchandise managing system created to help artist manage their merchandise sales, analytics, and data off and on tours. The startup launched in early January of 2013 and in a year they are already managing over 30 top name artist. Let’s see what this startup is all about.

Atvenu Startup

atVenu launched its merchandise management features in January 2013 to a closed invite list. Word of mouth spread and it’s now used by many hundreds of artist and their teams for both supply and managed tours. In it’s first year atVenu settled over 11,000 shows and managed more than $50 million in merchandise sales. Artists that range from headliners in sell out arenas to developing artists on club tours all use the application. atVenu is now the standard for many professional merch organizations as the critical tool to provide immediate and accurate data from the road to management.

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Atvenu believes that artist shouldn’t only make money from tours or royalties, instead they believe that the sales of merchandise from events should be a big portion of the artist’s income. This is an all in one CRM system for musicians and artist. The platform is fully integrated with mailing list, full sales report, settlement sheet and many more.

The music tech startup have always been focus on creating social media platforms and music producing softwares for musicians, but rarely do we have a fully analytical system that can help artist manage all of their income in one place.

atvenu startup

Atvenu offers fully offline and online web & mobile data sync, so that musicians can access to their data even when they are on tour. Run an entire tour entering nightly counts and completing full financial settlements all on the app. When you’re finished with a show’s settlement, the data syncs back to the cloud based artist account and immediately updates the artist’s data keeping the team updated in realtime.

Atvenu Pricing

The basic package starts at $10 per tour per month. The basic package includes sales reporting , auto-email sales to artist distro list , historical revenue and much more. The advance package starts at 90$ per tour per month and includes the whole inventory management system, in depth sale analysis, warehouse management and much more.

“It has been an amazing year for atVenu, working with many of the industry’s top artists to improve how they manage and profit from their tour merchandise”, said Derek Ball, CEO and co-founder of atVenu.  “We are very proud to have attracted such an impressive client roster, and amazing lead investor for this round.”

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